About Heartful Healing

My name is Guy Shahar, and for most of my nearly 50 years, I suffered from all sorts of chronic health issues, culminating in a total health burnout in 2016, which left me practically housebound for several months.

During those years, I tried a huge number of treatments and therapies that each offered huge promise, and mostly ended in disappointment and a bigger hole in the bank balance.

Heartful Healing was formed to bring together in one place those very few approaches that have proved themselves to be genuinely life-changing. 

Life can be an intensely painful and cumbersome experience if we are unlucky enough to have the wrong combination of energetic imbalances.  But it doesn’t have to be like that.  Heartful Healing’s services are very carefully curated to give clients the best possible chance of reversing this situation and living the fulfilled and contented life that is well within each of our potential.

Without Heartfulness, I quite literally wouldn’t be alive today, but over the 20+ years that I have been a practitioner, it has given me so much more than just life.  I would sincerely recommend this as a first point of call to anybody who is at all interested.  And Heartfulness is always free.

Getting to a clean physical condition has also been critical, which I did based on the Medical Medium approach, with a focus on strengthening the liver and clearing out pathogens and toxins such as heavy metals.  I am now able to offer this and many other topics, including relationships, self-esteem, abundance and more, as specific focus areas.

But it is the energy healing of Discover Healing modalities – The Emotion CodeThe Body Code and the upcoming Belief Code – and now also Quantum Biofeedback, that form the core of Heartful Healing’s services. I have been astonished at what can be achieved so easily through them.

Certified Emotion Code UK Practitioner Badge for Guy Shahar of Heartful Healing
Certified Body Code UK Practitioner Badge for Guy Shahar of Heartful Healing

As well as working on issues such as those above, there are a number of key focus areas that we have more developed programmes for, including:

You can see the full list of Heartful Healing services on our Services page.