About Energy Healing

Energy Healing differs from conventional medical and psychological approaches to our issues in a number of key ways:

  • It starts with an understanding that we each have within us the unconscious knowledge of what is causing our ailments and that we have the internal capability to resolve them.
  • It is non-invasive, avoiding the use of scalpels or reliving painful traumatic memories.
  • Instead, it communicates directly with the person’s subconscious mind. It is the client who will thus direct the work that needs to be done during any session.

Body Code creator, Dr Bradley Nelson.  explains how energy healing and trapped emotions work.

Daaji - Heartfulness Meditation Guide

“When I change myself, my perception of the world will change accordingly. The glasses through which I see – if they are yellow, the world will be yellow; if they are red, the world will be red. If my heart is pure, the world will be perceived as pure.”  Kamlesh D. Patel

Energy Healing works on the principle that everything Is energy and that it’s possible for one person to make a remote connection with the unconscious mind of another.  This may sound like an abstract and unsubstantiated assertion to anyone who is new to it.  It is only having experienced it that we can begin to perceive that this is an approach that can make a difference, even if we don’t really understand how.

Quantum physics is often cited as evidence that energy healing works, because it confirms the very basis on which energy healing is founded – that matter truly exists in energetic form, that energetic particles can communicate over incredible distances and can travel instantaneously over such distances, that the state of mind of a human observer or even just the fact of being observed can alter the behaviour of particles, and so on.  But how many of us can honestly say we truly understand quantum physics and its implications?

We only have our own intuition and inner-guidance to lead us to the right way to treat our physical and psychological ailments.  If you feel intuitively drawn towards energy healing in any way, then I would suggest experiencing what it could do for you.

If the concept of energy healing sounds ridiculous to you, then this is probably not for you (and even if it was, its effectiveness would most likely be undermined by a firm belief that it won’t work).  In any type of therapy, our attitude towards it can be a huge factor in the prospects for its success.  This is all the more true of energy healing, as the therapy itself works on the same level as our thoughts, which are, after all, also energy.

We Are All EnergyInfluential biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, explains how we unknowingly send energetic messages out to the world, which conditions what we get back from it.

More About The Science

This fascinating documentary by the great Greg Braden demonstrates the science behind how the state of the human heart (the foundation of energy healing) materially changes the reality of the world around us.