About Guy Shahar

My name is Guy Shahar, and for most of my life, I suffered from all sorts of chronic health issues, culminating in a total health burnout in 2016, which left me practically housebound for several months.

During that time, I found myself unexpectedly writing a book, Transforming Autism, about our family’s journey since it had become clear that my son was on the spectrum 5 years earlier, and the unusual steps that we were lucky to be able to take to ensure his quality of life.  

Even more unexpectedly, I ended up giving a TED talk later that year, which has now been seen by more than 250,000 people (you can see it at the bottom of the page), and shortly afterwards, launched a new charity, The Transforming Autism Project, to give similar opportunities to parents of autistic children more widely.

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Guy Shahar and Family

With my wife, Oksana, and son, Daniel

In 2018, at the age of 46, I found out that I was myself autistic, which made a lot of sense of many of my earlier life experiences:  From a young age, my communication had never been well understood by others and I had very often ended up marginalised and badly treated as a result.  On top of this, not knowing that I was autistic and simply had a different way of thinking and expressing myself, I had put the same expectations on myself as others had of me, so I was constantly struggling to do things that went against the grain and were difficult for me, while at the same time neglecting to develop those strengths and qualities that were natural to me.  So life had been tough.

By the age of 25, I was pretty much ready to give up, and knew for a fact that I would never reach 40.  Fortunately, I discovered Heartfulness a couple of years later, which brought a totally new perspective, sense of fulfilment and dimension of joy to my life that I wasn’t aware was possible.  It enabled my life to take a different direction.

Guy's Books

My first book, Leaving Town.  A collection of unusual short (and not-so-short) stories.

My 2nd book, Transforming Autism.

With this new hope, I began to try to improve my health via a huge number of treatments and therapies that each offered huge promise, and mostly ended in disappointment and a bigger hole in the bank balance.  Clearing up the mess created by my first 27 years was an intense and challenging job, and my earnest wish with Heartful Healing is to provide a short-cut for others to make this whole process simpler, smoother and more successful.

Heartful Healing was formed to bring together in one place those very few approaches that have proved themselves to me to be genuinely life-changing. 

I always sincerely recommend Heartfulness as a first port of call for anyone who is remotely interested.  And it is always free.

But it’s a particular form of energy healing that’s at the core of Heartful Healing’s services: the Discover Healing methods of The Emotion Code, The Body Code, and soon the upcoming Belief Code.  These have brought about a fundamental shift in my life quality, as well as in many others who I’ve worked with.

Recently, I’ve developed this in to a Heartful Healing approach called Accelerated Healing, which is in its very early days but showing much promise.

As well as Transforming Autism, I am the author of Leaving Town, a selection of unusual short stories.  My third book, Autism: A Condition of the Heart, is due to be published in 2023.  I have also written 2 films and a television comedy series, though these have never received sufficient interest to actually be produced.  I have written many articles for Transforming Autism, and have recently started writing articles for Heartful Healing too, and hope to add more to this collection over time.  Heartful Healing also has an active YouTube channel with many healing-related videos.   And I record an ongoing series of conversations with Child Development Specialist, Andrew Shahan for families with autistic children:  Autism For Parents.

I still run the charity Transforming Autism, and in my spare time (of which there is extremely little at present) I like to walk in nature, and when the universe permits, I occasionally compose short pieces of piano music.

Talks & Interviews

My TEDx Talk, The Beautiful Reality of Autism

Interviewed for KanhaCast about Autism,  Heartful Healing and Heartfulness. 

Interviewed for Transforming Autism about Autism Parenting