Accelerated Healing


Built on the same basic Energy Healing foundations as The Body Code, Accelerated Healing takes things a step further to enable much faster work, resolving a much greater range of imbalances.

The main difference is that when using The Body Code, it’s necessary to consciously identify each imbalance that is released.  The Body Code is extremely powerful, but this need to identify the nature of each imbalance limits us to being able to address only the imbalances we can foresee.

With Accelerated Healing, we bypass that need to work at the conscious level.  It’s the connection between the healer and the client’s subconscious minds that does the work of identifying the imbalances, and our conscious identification of the imbalance is unnecessary.

This enables us to deal with whatever imbalance is standing in the way of what we want to achieve, whether we can predict it or not.  It means we can deal with imbalances whose nature we couldn’t possibly imagine.

Plus, we no longer need to spend time identifying the imbalances, which is the bulk of the work that we do in a Body Code session, meaning that sessions can be much faster and more focused.  The actual core work of the session can typically be condensed to around 1-2 minutes, sometimes less.

If you’re still relatively new to energy healing, I’d still recommend starting off with The Body Code, as it has a much more tangible feel to it.  But if you’re familiar with energy healing and open to new ways of practising it, this could be a great step forward.


Initially, I had a hunch that identifiying each imbalance was not necessary and that there was a faster and more direct way to get to the root of the issue.  As a matter of interest, I took ten volunteers who were in physical pain and did a single session for each of them consisting of 1-2 minutes work in this new way.  I chose physical pain as this is generally (not always) something that responds most quickly to energy work. Of the ten, 6 reported a significant improvement, 2 a marginal improvement and 2 no improvement.  This is similar to what might be expected with a single session of The Body Code (and it’s likely that those who didn’t feel much simply needed more work as the pain would have had more complex roots).

I have since used Accelerated Healing with many clients, with some stunning outcomes – sometimes life-transforming.  The more I use it, the more I see it working for people at least as well as The Body Code.  Speaking personally, this is now pretty much the only healing method I use for myself and my family (along with the odd Belief Code session).  

Sheila describes how her painful swollen leg issue was completely resolved with 2 Accelerated Healing sessions .



  • Can release a much wider range of imbalances, including those we’re not able to specifcally identify.
  • Can extend to other types of rebalancing that may be beneficial, but which, again, we can’t identify.
  • It’s simple, done quietly and focused directly on the work that needed, with no padding or unnecessary chatter.
  • Saves time, as the work is done much faster so sessions are much shorter (even the 15 minutes allotted is much more than we need – the work itself can be done in 1-2 mins).


  • A globally established energy healing system with over 12,000 practitioners at a minimum of Emotion Code level.
  • If you’re new to energy healing, it can feel like a more tangible place to start.
  • You’re looking to identify and uproot unhealthy belief systems using The Belief Code.
  • You might prefer to know what the specific emotions and imbalances are that are being released.
  • You might prefer longer sessions with a little more interaction.


Yes.  I now incorporate Accelerated Healing into all Body Code sessions: at the end of each session, we do a short Accelerated Healing to “catch” anything that needs to be released, rebalanced or infused that wasn’t covered by the Body Code.

If you want to be able to assess Accelerated Healing on its own, we can also do that within Body Code sessions.  If you can identify a separate, single issue you’d like us to work on, we can spend a couple of minutes at the start of a regular Body Code session working on that using Accelerated Healing instead of the Body Code.  Depending on the issue, you may want to do this a few times.  It should give you sense of whether Accelerated Healing feels right for you.

We can also be flexible with sessions generally.  For example, a key part of everyone’s healing is releasing their Heart Wall, which is typically done in a few minutes over 3-4 sessions.  We can incorporate this into part of an Accelerated Healing session (there’s really plenty of time) so that this part is not missed.  Or you can switch between the different types of session as your needs or preferences change.