Access Abundance And Success

I took a similar programme called “Abundance Breakthrough” myself from another Body Code practitioner shortly before launching Heartful Healing.  At that time, such a venture seemed so far outside my comfort zone and my creative ability that I had never considered it.

But the programme didn’t initially seem to make much difference to me.  Each week, the practitioner asked me whether there was any change in my situation, and even by the end of the 6th session, I had nothing at all to report.

Then, a couple of weeks later, some of the friends and family who I’d been practicing using the Emotion Code and Body Code on started to refer potential paying clients to me. 

 I wasn’t ready for this, but the referrals kept coming and so I was forced into setting up a company much sooner than I had planned (you can read more about this unusual story in the description of the Healer Unleashed focus package).  Within a couple of weeks, the referred clients were referring other people of their own and  every possible available slot I could find was filled.  I was even starting to build an income stream which, despite working on a donation basis, very quickly became our family’s primary source of income.

So this programme ended up making a massive difference to me and I really want to bring something like this to Heartful Healing.  Access Abundance and Success is the result.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can use your regular sessions to undertake this Focus Package.  Once your Heart Wall is cleared, just let me know you’re interested, and you’ll receive a questionnaire asking you to rate yourself against several common limiting beliefs relating to abundance and success that could be holding you back, as well as to identify any particular areas, issues or beliefs you feel may be at the heart of the issue for you.  This will form the basis of our time together during the programme as we work to reverse the beliefs and eliminate the issues, to leave you free to attract all that you want.