Overcoming Addiction

Our best efforts to overcome our addictive tendencies – whether it’s to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, our phones, or anything else – can feel futile and destined to fail.

The reason is that these addictive tendencies are caused by past traumas – whether remembered or not – whose energies are stored in the body.

Once we release these various trapped energies, the compulsion to follow our urges may be dramatically reduced, and our efforts finally able to bear fruit.


We’ve made this video to explain what’s behind addiction and how we can go about addressing it with Energy Healing (and more)

Our work is all done remotely and, as we’re working directly with the subconscious mind, there’s no need to discuss or re-live painful memories.

We use muscle-testing to identify what imbalances are causing the pain, and then use a simple technique to release them.  The results can be amazing.

There’s no need to discuss or relive each painful experiences that caused the trapped energy in the first place.  This is not psychotherapy, far from it.  Your job is simply to be present and aware of the life you’d like to be living.  It’s not even necessary to be in the same place – we can do it all over Zoom.

We’ve made these couple of videos to introduce the main methods we use for natural pain relief:

The Emotion Code

The Body Code

See more Heartful Healing videos at youtube.com/HeartfulHealing


Healy Device for Pain Relief

This potentially life-changing wearable quantum bio-feedback device gives us constant access to individualised frequency therapy including pain relief

Healing for Pets & Animals

Learn how energy healing can be of benefit to animals.  As they are simpler than we are, healing can often be even quicker.

Heartfulness Meditation

An unexpectedly simple and profound meditation practice that offers us the strongest possible foundation to underpin our lives.  Always free.

Disclaimer: Please notethe services offered by Heartful Healing are not intended in any way to diagnose or cure any medical illness, nor as a substitute or replacement for conventional medical or mental health care.  No particular outcome to any session or sessions is guaranteed and clients are not advised to terminate or abstain from such care because of treatment they are receiving from Heartful Healing.