Autistic chldren and adults are likely to be subject to high levels of anxiety to the extent that daily life – along with opportunities for development and happiness – is severely disrupted.

We understand autism very well.  I am myself autistic and feel huge benefits from this work.  We work energetically with autistic children and adults with a view to facilitating the client’s innate ability to soothe this anxiety and promote more of a feeling of strength, confidence and happiness.

PLEASE NOTE – We do not consider autism itself as an illness to be treated and cured (see the TED talk below for more on this).


The difficulties that autistic people live with are well known.  They can encompass all areas of life including stress, communication, relationships, eating and more.

What’s less well-known is that these issues do not stem from the autism itself, but from the  feeling that the person’s particular ways of thinking, processing information and responding are constantly being misunderstood.  Over time, starting at the earliest ages, this leads to post-traumatic responses to a range of situations, making it impossible to live a peaceful and balanced life.

Energy Healing can help to restore some of that balance and to address  some of the trauma at its roots.

It can be effective for both children and adults.  This is a recording of a session we conducted with an autistic man who was working with anxiety issues.  It is included here to give you a sense of what a Heartful Healing session might feel like.


I am the father of an autistic boy whose life was turned around through a very natural therapy we found for him when he was 2.  You can hear about his story in my TED talk, which also presents a unique and empowering understanding of autism, which has gone down extremely well in the autistic community and been seen by more than 300,000 people.  

More recently, at the age of 46, I discovered that I was myself autistic, which made sense of so much that had happened in my life.  Energy Healing, along with Heartfulness meditation, has utterly transformed my experience of life.

My TED talk, The Beautiful Reality of Autism tells my son’s story, and presents a unique and empowering conception of autism.

Our work is all done remotely and, as we’re working directly with the subconscious mind, there’s no need to discuss or re-live painful memories.

We use muscle-testing to identify what imbalances are causing our issues and preventing us from moving forward, and then use a simple technique to release them.  The results can be amazing.

There’s no need to discuss or relive each painful experiences that caused the trapped energy in the first place.  This is not psychotherapy, far from it.  Your job is simply to be present and aware of the life you’d like to be living.  It’s not even necessary to be in the same place – we can do it all over Zoom.

A Heartful Healing session recorded with David, an autistic man who was going through a difficult time and anxiety issues.

A 1-minute montage of what a few of our other clients say who have worked with Heartful Healing on a range of issues.

We’ve made these couple of videos to introduce the main methods we use:

The Emotion Code

The Body Code

See more Heartful Healing videos at


Healy Frequency Device

This potentially life-changing wearable quantum bio-feedback device gives us access to individualised frequency therapy 24 hours a day.

Healing for Pets & Animals

Learn how energy healing can be of benefit to animals.  As they are simpler than we are, healing can often be even quicker.

Heartfulness Meditation

An unexpectedly simple and profound meditation practice that offers us the strongest possible foundation to underpin our lives.  Always free.

Disclaimer: Please notethe services offered by Heartful Healing are not intended in any way to diagnose or cure any medical illness, nor as a substitute or replacement for conventional medical or mental health care.  No particular outcome to any session or sessions is guaranteed and clients are not advised to terminate or abstain from such care because of treatment they are receiving from Heartful Healing.