The Belief Code

We don’t always believe what we think we believe.  In fact, very often we don’t.  It’s because our conscious beliefs are often what we’d like to believe.  We think we value ourselves, we think we deserve respect – and we can find many reasons to justify it, but when we look deeply at what we really believe inside, we often find that it’s just the opposite.

This is a way for us to get to the heart of what we’re really believing about ourselves and the world, and which is actually driving our behaviour and determining our results in life.  The Belief Code will be able to identify and reverse the negative beliefs that are holding us back, and replace them with positive empowering ones that will propel us forwards.  I am living evidence that this works, having benefited from this (there are a couple of examples of how this has worked for me in the descriptions of some of the Focus Packages), and there’s no way I could have created Heartful Healing without it,

Dr. Bradley Nelson sometimes refers his Body Code clients to an alternative therapy called T3 Therapy, which deals specifically with identifying and reversing our limiting belief systems.

At the end of 2019, his company, Discover Healing, bought the rights to T3 Therapy and he is currently reworking it into the same easy to use and accessible format as the Emotion Code and Body Code.

It will soon be possible for Body Code practitioners to become certified in The Belief Code and to offer in their practices.  I intend to become certified as soon as it is available.

Emotion Code and Body Code creator, Bradley Nelson, explains the origins of the Belief Code and how it will work.

In the meantime, it is possible to do significant work on reversing negative limiting and core beliefs (if we can identify them ourselves) using the Body Code, and several of our Focus Packages are based on this approach (see the Services page).  In the video, Dr Bruce Lipton talks about the sort of transformation of consciousness that we aim to bring about in this way.