The Belief Code

A Heartful Healing interview about the Belief Code with its creator, Dr. Brad Nelson


We don’t always believe what we think we believe.  In fact, very often we don’t.  This is because our conscious beliefs often represent what we’d like to believe.  We think we value ourselves, we think we deserve respect – and we can find many reasons to justify why we should, but when we look deeply at what we really feel and believe inside, we often find that it’s just the opposite.

The Belief Code is a brand new advanced healing system, and a way for us to get to the heart of what we’re really believing about ourselves and the world, and which is actually driving our behaviour and determining our results in life.  Unlike other healing systems that deal with beliefs, The Belief Code, uniquely, is claimed to be able to identify and reverse not only the unconscious negative beliefs that are holding us back, but the entire belief systems that underpin them.  All we need to know is what the issue is that we want dealt with and what change we want to see in our lives.

The Belief Code is built on the foundation of The Body Code, and has been developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson of Discover Healing.

Dr Brad Nelson, creator of The Emotion Code, The Body Code and The Belief Code. Founder of Discover Healing.

It is the evolution of a protocol he used to sometimes refer his Body Code clients to, called T3, which deals specifically with identifying and reversing our limiting belief systems.  He has reworked it into the same powerful, easy to use and accessible format as the Emotion Code and Body Code

Dr. Nelson says he has found that the Belief Code’s effectiveness tends to be improved if our Heart Wall has already been released.  This can be done typically within 2-3 sessions of The Body Code (along with the release of a range of other imbalances) or using one of the options on our Heart Wall Removal page.

An older Heartful Healing interview with Belief Code (and Body Code) creator, Dr. Brad Nelson (from 2022)



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Guy Shahar is a Certified Belief Code practitioner based in the UK and working with clients all over the world, including Europe, USA, Canada, India, UAE, Scandinavia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

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A Heartful Healing video featuring a Belief Code demo session, conducted by its creator, Dr Bradley Nelson. (taken from the interview above)

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