The Body Code

Amazing results can be achieved using The Emotion Code alone, especially with the removal of the Heart Wall, but there are some issues that have deeper roots in energetic blocks and many other types of imbalances.

What Is The Body Code?

It is a complete system for optimal health covering all potential impediments to health.  It includes within it The Emotion Code, and you will find that trapped emotions come up quite commonly.  It will also include The Belief Code once that is officially launched.  However, it goes much further than these, and also addresses a huge range of other imbalances that lie behind the issues we may have.  These are organised into the following categories:

  • Energetic Blocks – this aspect includes the entire Emotion Code, but also many other blocks including post-traumatic energies, decisions we may have taken in weak moments about what we want which are still holding us back, remnants of past illnesses, and many more.
  • Energetic Imbalances in any of the body’s Circuits and Systems or in our energy field
  • Structural Misalignments in any of the body’s Circuits and Systems

  • Any sort of Toxins we may have been exposed to at any part of our lives (or whose energy has been inherited).  There are typically many that could be in play, including Heavy Metals, EMFs, toxins and additives from processed foods, pesticides, industrial toxins, toxins from domestic and cosmetic products, microbes, as well as self-inflicted toxicity from excess and other causes.
  • Any sort of Pathogen we may have been exposed to at any part of our lives, such as Mould, Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, Fungus, etc.  Sometimes, it may be the case that the pathogen is no longer with us, but its energy remains causing complications for our health.  It is even possible for this energy to have been inherited, so it may not relate to anything we’ve had in our own lives at all.

A great interview by Inspire Nation with Body Code creator, Dr Bradley Nelson.  Includes a demonstration of the Body Code

Body Code creator, Bradley Nelson, introduces it and explains what is.

The results can be dramatic, and I give a couple of specific examples from my personal experience in the descriptions of some of the focus packages, such as Healer Unleashed and Abundance Breakthrough.  You can find out more about how a session is likely to work in the FAQ question on What To Expect in a Session. 

Reversing Limiting Beliefs & Blockages

The Body Code can bring about huge changes in many ways.  One of my favourite ways of working is to either create a powerful goal statement to work towards, or to identify underlying beliefs associated with particular issues and reverse them.  It’s truly amazing what can be achieved  While The Belief Code, currently in preparation, will be specifically designed to identify and reverse entire limiting belief systems, there’s still plenty we can do with beliefs using Complete Healing.

It could be a core belief that someone’s been carrying around for years like “I’m worthless” or “I don’t deserve love” or “It’s not safe to have money”.  We can actually quantify exactly how much that person believes this (and it’s opposite) and is guided by it on an unconscious level.  Then we can identify (using muscle testing – for more on this see the FAQ question on What To Expect From A Session) what imbalances are influencing this, and remove them one by one.  It’s amazing to see the strength of the negative belief come down after each one.  I’ve worked with several people whose negative beliefs were at 99%, and typically, within a couple of sessions, they’re down to zero and their opposite is up to 100%.  After that, the person is approaching life in a new way and attracting different outcomes with their energy.

The same can be achieved with other blockages.  For example, if there’s a project someone is procrastinating about and not starting, we can ascertain their level of ability and readiness to progress it, and bring that up to 100% in the same way.

I love this way of using healing to track progress as we work our way through all sorts of different issues.  The testimonial below is a simple but powerful illustration of how a change in our unconscious thinking can immediately bring about transformations in our experience of life.  We had been working on her belief that she didn’t deserve to be helped, which had resulted in her ending up doing everything on her own.

Morgan Freeman (and others) talk about these unconscious beliefs that determine our destiny (to an unnecessarily dramatic musical backdrop…).  It is these beliefs that we are able to access and remould using the Body Code.

The Ultimate Way of Working?

Few people (including myself when I have been working through my own imbalances) have the faith and patience to try this, but when they do, the results have been wonderful.  It is essentially about letting go of our own agenda of what we want healed, and just asking the subconscious mind (through muscle testing) which imbalances we should clear.  After all, we know deep down what is in our interests much more than we do on a conscious level.

It takes a big leap of faith to do this, but the results can be phenomenal. 

A client shares her expereience of this open approach to energy healing after a session together (recorded and shared at her initiative)

As well as working generally, or on issues such as those above, there are a number of key focus areas that we have more developed programmes for, including: