Conscious Eating


Do you want to find a comfortable, healthy weight without constantly being on a diet?

          Do you want to stop overeating or  bingeing?

                    Do you want to feel relaxed around food?

                               Do you want to improve your body image and self-esteem?

Often, we know that we want to change our eating habits but we find that our efforts alone are not sufficient to achieve our goals, or that if they are, we find ourselves unable to sustain them.

Conscious Eating is a way of addressing our eating behaviour – and, crucially, what lies behind it – in a new way.  We combine the energy healing that are the core of all Heartful Healing activities with practical eating-based coaching from Lori Weber, founder of The Mindful Eating Clinic.

Mindful Eating is delivered via Zoom sessions and works on a monthly subscription which includes the elements below.


There are 2 foundational pillars to Conscious Eating:

The Body Code

This is the core Heartful Healing service and is at the heart of all our work.  Having identified your main eating goals, we’ll first interrogate your subconscious mind through muscle-testing to find out exactly how aligned you actually are to them.  It may be different from what you consciously think.  We’ll then identify and remove any underlying emotional and other energetic imbalances that are preventing you from being fully aligned with your goal, to bring you into full subconscious harmony with it.  This is important because we often sabotage ourselves from achieving what we want to without understanding why.  When we’re fully aligned, the self-sabotage no longer has a place.  We can also look at the energetic health of each of the key body organs involved in digestion (e.g. liver, gallbladder, etc) and optimise each of them to internally support the success of your own external efforts.

Food-Based Coaching


Food-based coaching addresses unwanted eating behaviours with pragmatic and empathetic techniques. Conscious eating means developing an awareness of how and why we eat, improving nutritional health and creating lasting habits which will guarantee stability in our relationship with food. The food-based coaching can improve yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, bulimia and binge-eating disorder, as well as support clients needing to lose weight with a non-diet method which is sustainable. Changes in lifestyle, meal-planning, and nutritional information form part of this coaching which allows you to develop behavioural change which works for you and the life you lead. The culmination of these alterations improve physical and mental health. Mindfulness is also taught as part of this coaching, which creates a new calm and peace around eating. 

When these 2 elements are applied together, they re-inforce and build on each other and your goals are addressed from both angles synergistically to maximise your prospects of success.


Our Eating Coach, Lori Weber, interviewed me for her Mindful Eating Podcast as we were launching this programme.  This short excerpt explains what Conscious Eating is and how the pieces fit together.

You can also click here to see the full interview.


Lori Weber

Conscious Eating Coach

Lori Weber is the founder of the Mindful Eating Clinic.  She is a pragmatic and empathetic eating and nutrition coach.  Having fixed her own disordered eating relationship she has retrained to help others to find a happy life with food. 

Lori has diplomas in Nutrition and Weight Management, Behaviour Change and a Master Practitioner in the treatment of obesity and eating disorders from NCfED.  Her work is solution-based and she understands the issues and behaviours which lead to disordered eating. 

Conscious Eating is a 6-Week Intensive Package which includes:

  • 4 x Body Code sessions with Heartful Healing
  • 4 x Eating Coaching sessions with Lori

Following the programme, an optional monthly option is available for ongoing support, which includes:

  • 3 x Body Code sessions with Heartful Healing
  • 2 x Eating Coaching sessions with Lori

Conscious Eating is also available as an option in our premium Quantum Coaching service.  You’ll get everything above, but with the addition of 2 sessions each month (or during the initial 6-weeks) using the Healy Quantum Bio-Feedback device to further enhance the work with the introduction of frequency therapy.  For this, please add £150 to the prices below).  Find out more on our Quantum Coaching page.


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Payable each month as long as you are part of the programme:

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You may prefer to take a couple of Body Code sessions before subscribing to Conscious Eating.  This will both give you a clear feel as to whether working with me is a good fit for you, and will give us a chance to start clearing your Heart Wall, which is an important foundation to the success of any other work, including Conscious Eating.  You can find out more about the Heart Wall on our Emotion Code page or in this video we’ve put together about it.