The Emotion Code

A Heartful Healing Introduction to The Emotion Code.

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We use The Emotion Code to release repressed (“Trapped”) Emotions that are causing us all sorts of complications and ailments.  It’s both extremely simple and extremely powerful.  

The Emotion Code is part of the much broader Body Code, which is what we offer as a service at Heartful Healing.  It includes the entire Emotion Code, and much more.


Trapped Emotions lodged in the body may be contributing to various physical and emotional issues we may have.  Clients claim to have experienced relief of both physical and emotional pain through their release.

We don’t need to discuss or relive each painful experiences that caused the trapped emotion in the first place.  This is not psychotherapy, far from it.  We identify each emotion through muscle testing, and then use a simple energy healing technique to remove it.  It’s all done over Zoom.

See below for what some Heartful Healing clients have said.

Saved Cat

Valerie recounts how her cat, Jack’s, life was saved through one Emotion Code session after he had stopped eating following a trauma.

Neck Pain Gone

Cassandra tells how her neck pain was instantly diminished using (predominantly) the Emotion Code.

Sample Session

See Gary’s limb pain and restricted mobility resolved during a single session through the release of trapped emotions.


We Are All Energy

The Emotion Code makes use of the principle that we are all energy, meaning that our emotional and physical health can be affected by the energetic influences around us.

The Emotion Code uses this principle to dissolve the destructive effects of trapped emotional energy from our past.

What Is A Trapped Emotion?

This Heartful Healing video explains what trapped emotions are.

In a healthy situation, when an emotion comes up in us, we experience it, express what we need to and move on.  However, in our busy and demanding lives, there are times when we are overwhelmed and don’t feel we have the space or strength to fully experience a particular emotion (especially if we have some baggage around that particular emotion).

So, we repress the emotion to protect ourselves from it, and leave it only partially processed.  It then remains in our body as a ball of energy, which can end up anywhere and cause any number of physical and emotional problems.

With The Emotion Code, we can release these trapped emotions which may allow the system to naturally rebalance itself.

The Heart Wall

The Heart Wall is a concept associated with The Emotion Code. At difficult times in our lives, the pain we are going through can feel like it is too much to bear.  The heart has its own way of protecting itself from experiencing too much of the pain.  It randomly appropriates the energy of some of these trapped emotions and uses it to build an energetic “wall” around itself.

This does the job of protecting itself at that time, but once up, it stays up, and also “protects” us from truly giving and receiving love.  It blocks the positive as well as the negative and prevents us from living according to who we truly are.  This can leave us feeling low, depressed or sluggish, and make communication with others difficult or complicated.  It can also affect our physical health.

At Heartful Healing, we generally address the Heart Wall very early on, as it’s likely to be a central part of any energetic issue.

This Heartful Healing video explains what a Heart Wall Is.

How The Emotion Code Can Help

Beyond the benefits of removing the Heart Wall, every other trapped emotion released may remove energetic stress from the system that we’ve been living with for years, often without realising, and may bring us into closer alignment with who we really are.

We can focus in on whatever our issue is.  For example, if we feel blocked in a particular area of life, or haunted by a certain memory, or triggered by particular emotions or if we have acute or chronic pain in a particular area of our body.  Trapped emotions may cause both physical and emotional pain, and our clients have reported relief of both through their release.

We don’t need to root out and relive each painful experiences that caused the trapped emotion in the first place.  This is not psychotherapy, far from it.  We identify each emotion through muscle testing, and then use a simple energy healing technique to remove it.

Could I Do This By Myself

Absolutely, and I always encourage my clients to learn to do so, as it’s such a simple and easy method that almost anyone can do (sometimes a little coaching or confidence building is necessary).  If my clients can do the Emotion Code part of the work for themselves – which is foundational – then we can focus our time together on using The Body Code (or the other methods we offer) to make deeper inroads into the roots of many issues, and to do so more quickly.

Bradley Nelson’s intention in creating The Emotion Code was to make it as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.  His book, The Emotion Code, explains how it works in an extremely simple way that makes it actually feel possible and attainable to do ourselves.

Learn more about The Emotion Code and how to start using it yourself

Learn the most basic way to start to get answers from your own subconscious mind.

Most people’s struggles, if they have them, are with muscle testing, and with their confidence to be successful at making a difference to their own and others’ health.  This is something we can work on in our sessions with a view to unlocking this powerful potential within us that could enable us to improve our lives and those of others.

Guy Shahar is a Certified Emotion Code practitioner based in the UK and working with clients all over the world, including Europe, USA, Canada, India, UAE, Scandinavia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

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