Frequently Asked Questions

The Therapy

It’s actually simpler than it might appear at first glance.  Really there is only one type of session, and the Services list explores the different ways and focus areas that we can use it for. 

All you need to do is to know what you want to work on, and we’ll find the best way to work!!  

Everything that Heartful Healing does is based on The Body Code and all sessions are actually based on this. 

Heart Wall Removal would normally feature as a part of the early sessions because it is so central to improving our underlying health.


The exception is Heartfulness, which is completely separate from the other services, and is something that you can do by yourself in parallel to our sessions.  It is an extremely powerful, and free, system that can transform lives by meeting their inner call for something more.

The good news is that you don’t have any work to do during the session!  Just staying attentive, observing and answering (or asking) any questions is how you participate.

There’s much you can do, though, to prepare for a session in order to increase its effectiveness.

  • Make sure you’re in a calm place where you won’t be disturbed, and to 
  • Stay hydrated before and during the session, as this will encourage your body to allow more in-depth work to take place.
  • To allow us to probe your subconscious more effectively during the session, spend some time in advance thinking about precisely what it is you would like to be different about something you are:
    • experiencing,
    • doingor 
    • believing

You might also consider a goal statement – the expression of a goal that you’d like to live by, for example “I have total clarity on [a decision you need to make]” or “I am open to excellent health and am experiencing constant improvements” or “I am a loving husband”, etc, etc.  We can test to measure exactly how aligned (unconsciously) you are to this statement currently, and then work to bring you into full alignment with it so that you can naturally live by it.  This can be a very powerful approach and is one of my favourite ways of working.

Before your first session, you’ll be asked (during the booking process) to fill in an Intake Form, where you can specify what the main issues are that you’d like us to focus on. You’ll also be asked to envisage life without these issues, which is really effective in bringing your subconscious mind to a state where it is naturally co-operating with the work, and thereby increase its chances of greater success..

Having prepared for the session (see the earlier question), your role will mostly be to simply be present and observe.  There’s no practical work for you to do.

We’ll connect by video-conference – usually Zoom unless you have another preference.

We will usually begin by spending just a few minutes understanding what issues you are looking to work on (if you are not sure on the priority, we can check in with your subconscious for guidance – it will know what’s most beneficial for you).  We may also look to see if we can find any underlying goals or beliefs that we might be able to use as a more effective way in addressing these issues.  However, this is not psychotherapy and there is no need to discuss anything at any length or to relive painful memories or re-experience old emotions. We bypass all of that.  This is about bringing real changes into your life through working directly with your subconscious – so the less we talk, the more we can achieve during our time together.

Then, I will take a moment to connect to the Source and then, with your permission, to your subconscious.  I will do this quietly and with my eyes closed.

Once connected, I will be able to probe your subconscious with yes or no questions.  This will direct us to understand how best to go about addressing the issues you are here to resolve.

Once we have identified a particular imbalance (and any underlying or associated imbalances that are behind it) we will release from you.  For this, I will roll a therapeutic magnet over my Governing Meridian a number of times.  As I am energetically connected with you, this will create the desired effect in your body so that healing can take place there.

If you can drink water during the session (ideally with a few drops of fresh lemon juice, this will enable your body to feel freer to allow more work to take place.

For some people, this might be an unusual way of working, which they are not used to.  Your leap of faith in such circumstances may be well rewarded.

All sessions are confidential, and anything you tell me in confidence will be respected as such.

It could be any physical, emotional or behavioural issue.  I usually ask people to focus on what they are experiencing, doing or believing that they would like to be different.

If you have a diagnosed condition, while it is important to mention this, it is still best to focus of the above.  This is because, the subconscious mind (which we are working with) does not always recognise the names that medical professionals give to particular conditions.  For example, if we ask whether someone has cancer, the answer from the subconscious may well be no, whether they do have cancer or not.  If instead we ask what we can do help that person with something they are experiencing (as a result of the cancer) and ask to be able to address an underlying cause of this, then we are much more likely to make progress.  The mind will still direct us to whatever it is we need to work on, but in this different way.  That’s why we focus on the symptoms rather than the names of conditions.

In this way, we don’t “cure” any illness.  Rather, we identify and remove the energetic blocks within you that may be preventing your body from healing itself.

This promotes natural and sustainable good health and helps empower your body to keep you in a healthy state.

The ultimate way to work is to let go of control and ask the body what imbalance we can address that is in their best interests.  Most people prefer to direct the process to specific problems, and even I was not able to get beyond this when I was clearing myself out, but when on rare occasions I have had the opportunity to work in this way, the work has felt deeper and more effective.  You can read more about this and see a testimonial about it on The Body Code page.

Absolutely, and it makes it easier for us to work with you in “the ultimate way” as described in the previous answer.  You can see it as a body Tune Up and as a preventative measure for possible future issues.

You may also get relief from issues that you didn’t realise you had until they were gone, as you’d just been used to living with them on a daily basis.

Or it may be that you don’t have any specific health issues, but your blocked in other ways, such as relationships, or allowing abundance and joy into your life, etc.

It’s possible.  Usually, there won’t be any at all, however, some of the time (after about 20% of sessions), the body may need to be a bit “louder” in how it processes what’s been released from it.

If we’ve released some deep trapped emotions, for example, there may be anything from a few seconds to a few days when some of those emotions are brought to the surface and re-experienced briefly – much less intensely than they were the first time around, but still bringing about some emotional ups and downs.  Other possible side effects are vivid dreams, fatigue, disturbed sleep or occasionally brain fog.  If any of these happen, they shouldn’t be too intense and should pass in a couple of days at most – take them as a positive sign that things are changing in your body!!

According to Discover Healing, Emotion Code and Body Code work “is like doing surgery on the energy body. We are literally looking for or harmful energies that need to be removed. After their removal, the energy body has to recover and restore its balance. If you had actual surgery to remove a tumor, you would expect to have at least a few days of downtime afterward. Your surgeon would likely tell you what to expect in your recovery, and recommend some extra rest.  The advice after a session with The Emotion Code is just about the same! Be aware that if you feel out of sorts, have changes in your sleeping pattern, vivid dreams or emotional ups and downs, this is totally normal. Drink lots of water, eat healthy, and get lots of rest while the energy body recovers. You may not experience any symptoms, or you may even feel great, but it’s better to be aware just in case.


The short answer is, it can vary wildly.  I know from my own healing journey that it’s frustrating not to get a more definite answer to this question, but it’s genuinely true that each person responds totally differently.

Some people feel a transformational shift immediately.  

For others, especially if the issues are complex or have been there for a long time, it may take longer for a change to be noticed, or the healing may happen in layers.  At first, the changes might be small or they might not last long.  Subsequent layers are likely to be more tangible and more permanent.

Many people find some sort of shift in their condition, even if it does not seem to be directly related to the issue we’ve worked on.  The most common of these are a general feeling of lightness and wellbeing or a surge in energy.

For more general work, like removing the Heart Wall, some people similarly feel an instant transformation as soon as the Wall is down.  Others don’t feel much immediately.  In my own case, I myself didn’t experience much at all for quite a long time after my Heart Wall was removed, but a few months later, I could look back on my recent past and found that it was a completely different life I was now living and the changes dated back to when the Heart Wall came down.  They just happened quietly and subtlely so they were barely noticeable until I looked down from the top of the mountain and saw how high I’d climbed.

It can be subtle at first, which means we might miss it if we’re not paying attention.  For example, I had a problem where my right eye used to sting a lot when I looked at a computer screen.  I did a session on myself about that and observed myself for a few days.  Nothing changed at all.  I thought it had failed, and moved on to the next thing to work on.  Then, about a month later, I remember noting to my wife that I’d been on the computer for hours and didn’t feel the stinging, and actually, I didn’t remember feeling a stinging for some time.  Other times, changes in a particular area have been immediate, for example a huge inflamed rash on my back was almost gone by the end of a single session (and completely gone the next morning), along with the searing pain that accompanied it.

The important thing is to look inside and see whether you trust the process and feel that it is right for you.  I felt that it was right for me even without immediate results and thereby left the door open for it to benefit me when the time was right.  If I had lost hope and decided it wasn’t working, success would have been much less likely.  As this is energy work, and our thoughts and expectations are energy too, the way we think and feel about the process makes a difference to the prospects of its success.  Any decision about whether or not to continue should be made on this basis.


These should lead you to an easy to use popup screen where you’ll be guided through the short and simple process of making and paying for an appointment.  You should within a few minutes receive a confirmation email to the address  you provided (from “Heartful Healing” but actually sent from  If you don’t see this, please check your Spam (and for Gmail “Promotions”) and any similar folders.  Reminders about the appointment will also be sent from them.

In rare situations, for example if there are certain browser plugins installed, there may be some issues with the functionality of this screen.  If this happens and the screen is not usable for some reason, please try one of the following options:

If none of these works, please email me (address below) and we’ll sort it out in the old-fashioned way….

You can find this at 

If you have booked online, you will receive a reminder 3 days and 1 day before the appointment, which should help you plan.

Please email me (address at the bottom of the page) and let me know all the slots could be possible for you.  I will try to be as flexible as I can, though I do have many other obligations and it may not always be possible to find an ideal slot.

An absentia session is simply a normal session done in your absence. 

In the same way as there is no need for us to be physically in the same place to do this work successfully, it is also not necessary for you to be on the end of a line.

It is always preferable to be able to participate together in the work (and I have found much better results working like this), but where this is not possible for exceptional reasons, it is possible to do the work in your absence.

In an ideal world, access to such therapies would not depend on money, and a practitioner would not depend on it for their living.  But the human race is not there yet, and in the meantime, we need to balance both sides of the equation.

I am currently considering some options that could make this work available at a lower cost for people on very low incomes.  These may include:

  • Allowing people who are able and have felt the benefit of the work to add a small uplift to their fees to sponsor a low-income client who could then pay a lower rate.  This is live now for anyone who would like to donate.
  • Referring people who are not able to pay the full amount to work at a lower charge with clients who have been through the Healer Unleashed focus work, and are perhaps working towards certification themselves.
  • The possibility of setting up a standby list for people on very low incomes to fill a vacant slot at short notice for a lower fee should one arise.

It would be great to know your thoughts about this. Please feel free to contact me if you have any reflections.

If you have any additional questions that are not answered on this site, please send them to me at