Focus Areas

These are Body-Code-based programmes that each run over several sessions to work in depth on a particular area of focus.  Typically, they start with by looking at and assessing (through muscle testing) core beliefs around this theme, and then work to optimise our relationship with it.

Reclaim Joy and Self-Esteem

Start to build a solid core of self-respect and access deep joy and fulfilment.  A strong foundation for any of the other focus areas.

Resonating Relationships

Whether you’re wanting to improve an existing relatinoship or find a new one, this programme from Discover Healing is designed to transform.

Access Abundance and Success

Identify and reverse the unconscious beliefs & blocks holding you back from accessing your abundance and from allowing plenty into your life.

Pathway to Health

Root out the underlying negative beliefs about your ability or deservingness to heal that have been sabotaging your efforts to heal.  Then make inroads into your underlying health and any specific health issues.

Healer Unleashed

Remove the blocks to your confidence as a healer, your muscle-testing ability, your belief in the process, and your ability to create a successful healing business, so that you can soar as a healer & truly serve.

Soaring Spirit

Empower yourself to truly open your heart and gain clarity on and align yourself with your highest spiritual purpose.  Additional content is available to Heartfulness Practitioners and Trainers to improve their practive and ability to serve.


Sponsor A Low-Income Client

A way for people who can afford this therapy to make a contribution towards the costs for someone who can’t.   We are also looking into other ways to be able to support low-income clients.