Healer Unleashed

Two days before my first session with a client when I was setting up Heartful Healing, I was still unable to do the muscle-testing that was essential for the therapy to work.  The only way I could get yes or no answers from people was through the slow and cumbersome “sway test”, which required standing and closing my eyes and was completely unsuitable for a live session with a client.

I had been using the sway test with interested friends and family for some time – doing sessions for them in their absence – and they had started referring people to me, which prompted me to launch Heartful Healing (there’s more on this story in the description of the Access Abundance and Success focus package).  But on the eve of its launch, I was in this impossible position of having bookings while being unable to practically perform the healing.

So, the only thing I could think to do was to do some intensive Body Code work on myself.  That evening, I worked (still using the sway test) on my muscle testing ability, and then moved on to my confidence in using these approaches to make a real difference to people, and then on to my belief in the approaches themselves.

The “Sway Test”, the simplest way to start to get answers from your own subconscious mind.

The next morning, the day before my first session, I was suddenly able to reliably use my fingers to muscle test.  The answers came so naturally and definitely, that I didn’t need to check them against the sway test.  I was even able to sit on public transport and get through 5 Emotion Code and Body Code sessions quickly and without any hesitation.  Just in time.

Over the ensuing weeks, more stuff came up to be worked on – underlying beliefs about my value in relation to the work, my inherent worth in relation to the charges I was to make, my ability, my deservingness, and so on.  Once identified, they could all be directly and immediately addressed and reversed through the Body Code.

The Healer Unleashed programme draws on all I learnt from this experience and on this process of introspection combined with what I have learnt working with others.  It is designed to unblock whatever is stopping you from using these techniques effectively and working successfully as an energy healer.  I wanted to make the whole process smooth and easy for anyone aspiring to do this work, whether it be for themselves, for friends and family or potentially to become professional healers; whether they are just starting out and considering learning the Emotion Code, or whether they are perhaps already practitioners and want to build that confidence in their work, their muscle testing, their self-belief around all of this, and so on.

Before the programme starts, you will be asked to rate yourself in various areas of underlying beliefs around your healing ability, around the techniques themselves, and if you are practicing professionally or planning to soon, around the success of your endeavours.  The programme will work systematically to improve these, starting with the ones most important in your current situation.


In order to enrol on this programme, you will need as a minimum to have done the following:

1 – Read the Emotion Code book and attempted to practice The Emotion Code on yourself and/or others (though you may still be struggling with confidence, muscle-testing, etc)

2 – Completely cleared your Heart Wall and any hidden Heart Walls (or had them cleared for you)

3 – Read, and resonated with, my series of 6 articles on the Essential Qualities of an Energy Healer

Learn more about The Emotion Code and how to start using it yourself

I would also very strongly suggest considering beginning the practice of Heartfulness Meditation.  This is a profound step in anybody’s journey and is essential if you are aiming for a softening of the heart to an extent which will enable you to meaningfully work towards these Essential Qualities.  In my experience, it is the only way I have found to attain this, as well as bringing about the most profound and meaningful life change imaginable.

You may also want to consider first taking the Reclaim Joy & Self-Esteem focus package, which can do the essential groundwork of removing fundamental blocks to all areas of expansion.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can use your regular sessions to undertake this Focus Package.  Once you’ve met the pre-requisites above, just let me know you’re interested, and you’ll receive a questionnaire asking you to rate yourself against several common limiting beliefs relating to your ability and confidence as a healer that could be holding you back, as well as to identify any particular areas, issues or beliefs you feel may be at the heart of the issue for you.  This will form the basis of our time together during the programme as we work to reverse the beliefs and eliminate the issues, to leave you free to live up to your full potential as a healer.