Healy Guide

This is a page featuring a set of original Heartful Healing resources to get you up and running on your Healy, able to start to make the most of it, and then some pointers on more advanced uses.

If you are looking for more information on what the Healy is or its scientific basis, please visit our main Healy page.

Still Choosing?

This is our guide to choosing the right Healy model. We look at the differences in pricing, what programs are available with each model, what additional options are available via subscription, what the upgrade options are, and it ends with a recommendation of which model might be the most suitable.

The video has recently been updated to reflect the new Healy offerings, however they’ve since introduced a new “Resonance Plus” edition.  For details, see the main Healy page.


Setting Up Your Healy

Once you receive your Healy, setup is simple in theory, but there are a few difficulties that many users have run into.  It should be possible to avoid these by following these steps:

1 – Fully Charge the Healy – Plug it into the charger and wait until the green light goes off before unplugging it.

2 – Register Your Healy – You can do this while your Healy is charging.  Before your Healy arrived, you should have received an email with a Shop username and password.  Use these details to log in at (bookmark the address so you can get easy access to it in future).  There you’ll find an option to register your Healy.  It can get a little complicated here, as there are 2 options to choose from.  The first is to use your Invoice number (which you’ll find on the paper invoice that came with your Healy), which will include a 4-letter prefix.  You need to choose which prefix you have from a dropdown list.  This is fine for some people, but others have a prefix that does not appear in the list.  For these people, go to option 2, which is to register using the order number you were sent in your confirmation email from Healy.

Whichever you choose, it is possible you’ll get a message saying it hasn’t been possible to register your device as your details could not be found.  However, check your emails a couple of hours later, and the chances are you’ll have a mail telling you it has been successful after all, and asking you to click a link to validate your account).  Your registration is then complete.

3 – Start Using Pink App – The pink app (for using the wristbands and other attachments) doesn’t require any further setup.  You just need to open the app (press the button on the Healy first so that it’s switched on before trying to connect to it), enter your serial number and you’re good to go.  You may need to go to the Settings and check for updates to load your programs onto the Healy before you can use them.

4 – Set Up Blue App – Fortunately, having gone through step 2, this is now very straightforward.  Switch on your Healy, launch the Blue app and sign in using your email address and Shop password (that you used above).  Again, it’s important that you go to settings and check for updates before starting to use the app.  It’s also really important that you find the Master Key option in your settings and send a copy of your Master Key to yourself as a file.  Save this file in a safe place, as you’ll need it if you ever want to use the same account on another device, e.g. if you change or lose your phone.

The videos in the next section show you how to use these apps.  

Getting Started Using Healy

A Heartful Healing video series created to help new Healy users to feel comfortable and confident using Healy’s functionality.  They are demonstrated using the previous version of the apps, so may look different from what you see on your phone screen, but the principles are still all relevant.

Part 1 – The Pink App

Part 3 – Resonance Scan

Part 2 – Creating a Client Record

Part 4 – Aura Scan

What Programs to Start With

Many uses find that they when they receive their Healy, they have no idea where to start in terms of how to start choosing programs, what order and what rate to introduce them, and how much to use the Healy at all.

This video gives a suggested first month’s protocol for starting to get used to the device and confident in using programs.  It’s based on a combination of my own experience and recommendations from various Timewaver practitioners.  It has been very gratefully received by many new Healy users.

Tips & Tricks

This is a series of short tips (just a few minutes each) for using the Healy more effectively.  Hopefully, they can also help you become more confident in finding your own way to use the Healy.

In these fascinating interviews, the inspiring Frequency Fixx girls share some profound insights from their decades working with frequencies that can truly transform our understanding of how to use the Healy.

Going Further

Once you’re used to the basic functionality of the Healy, there are other more advanced uses that are extremely powerful.

One of our favourites is to use it to strengthen affirmations.  This video shows you how to do this by recording the energetic vibration of the affirmations that you want to strengthen (this is ideal to use in combination with the Body Code to help with the subconscious reprogramming alongside it).  The same technique can be used to record and vibrate the essence of supplements, oils and more.

Looking After the Battery

If you find you’re having battery issues, or that the app is giving you the wrong information about how much battery life you have left, try the following steps to fully reset it.  You may need to do this 2-3 times to achieve the results:

1 – Disconnect any phones that are connected to the Healy.  Fully close down any blue or pink apps (by swiping them away rather than just going back to the start page) and ideally switch the phones off.

2 – Do a “Hard Reset” of your Healy.  This is holding down the Healy button for about 10 seconds until the light goes solid green.  Then release.

3 – Plug the Healy in to charge.

4 – Do another Hard Reset.  The green light will already be on, but if you watch carefully, you’ll see that the light changes to a slightly different shade of green after around 10 seconds.

5 – Leave to fully charge until the green light goes off.

General Tip

BE PATIENT!!  As brilliant as the Healy is, it’s still a little glitchy, and you may need to restart the app from time to time, or reconnect the Healy to it when it decides to disconnect.  With a little patience, this are not major issues, but we do need that patience….

Other Healy Interviews from Heartful Healing

An interview with the creator of the Healy Deep Cycle group of programs, Jan Poleszynski

An interview with Timewaver Practitioner and Healy Program Creator, Derek Nakamura