A Heartful Healing Introduction to the Healy.

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The Healy is a portable and wearable quantum bio-feedback device which gives us permanent access to individualised frequency tharapy.

It differs from many other such devices in that it reads the body in real time and adjust the frequencies it delivers to our evolving needs second by second.

We use it in our premium services, such as Quantum Coaching, but it’s also recommended as a standalone unit to enhance the overall health and balance of our mind and body on an ongoing basis.  It has seen some remarkable results.

(If you have bought a Healy and are looking for the Healy Guide to help you make the most of it, please click here).


The Healy balances the body’s bioenergetic field on multiple levels using the proven power of frequencies.  These are transmitted to the body’s field in various ways to bring about the conditions that facilitate healing, wellbeing and optimal health.  

It does this through various programs that come with the Healy (see the section below) or which can be subscribed to.

One way this is typically applied is via the wristbands that come with the device, but there are other ways too, including non-physical delivery to the body’s bio-energetic field.  There’s also an attachment called a Coil, which enables it to be used on the body but without wires.  This is all expanded on in the sections further down the page, along with an explanation of the science behind the Healy.


There are now 5 Editions of the Healy to choose from – the video covers 4 of them, but the newer Resonance Plus Edition is shown in the graphic below. 

The video also goes into more depth, comparing the pricing and features of the various Editions, explaining how subscriptions and upgrades work and debating which to go for.  

The Healy itself is the same for each of the Editions – only the programs that come with it are different and account for the difference in price. For any program groups that aren’t included in the model you buy, these can be additionally subscribed to on a monthly basis. Upgrades are also available to any of the higher models, which generally works out a little more expensive than if you’d bought the higher model to start with, but not dramatically more.  


There’s a 14-day money-back arrangement so that you can try the Healy risk-free. 

All transactions are in your local currency (you’ll be asked to choose your location from a list). If asked about a referrer, click yes.

Healy Models and Pricing


We’re committed to providing appropriate support to people who buy the Healy through Heartful Healing.  Therefore, the following will be available to anyone who buys through the links on this page:

  • Membership of a supportive closed Facebook Group and a private WhatsApp group of our team of Healy users, who help each other with questions. 
  • Some of the members of these groups also sell the Healy and hold meetings to support each other to reach more customers if that is something you’d like to explore.  There’s a generous commission on each Healy you sell.
  • Heartful Healing is also creating a good range of original instructional videos and interviews designed to help users better understand their device and make the best use of it.  Those produced so far have had very enthusiastic feedback from people who have found them to give rare guidance and support on using their Healy that they haven’t been able to find elsewhere.  Check out and subscribe to the Heartful Healing Youtube Channel at  https://www.youtube.com/HeartfulHealing 

There’s also an additional Heartful Healing page designed to help new Healy users get started and use their device in the most effective way – see it here.

There’s a 14-day money-back arrangement so that you can try the Healy risk-free.  All transactions are in your local currency (you’ll be asked to choose your location from a list). If asked about a referrer, click yes.


Timewaver programmer, Brid Hanlon, explains one of the unique elements of the Healy

Where the Healy is unique is that it does not send all of the frequencies in the collection to you at the same time.  This would be too many for your body, and each person’s needs are different.  Instead, it reads your body in real time and adapts second by second to your precise individual needs.  

This is possible because of the revolutionary technological breakthroughs made by outstanding German quantum physicist, Marcus Schmieke which led him to invent something called a Quantum Sensor which is at the heart of the Healy.


The Quantum Sensor is unque to the Healy.  It enables a direct connection to be made between the device and your energetic field, so that the frequencies that you are sent are exactly those that your body needs in this moment.  I won’t attempt to go in depth into the science of it myself – I’ll leave it to Healy inventor, Marcus Schmieke, to himself talk in this fascinating video about how it works on a more scientific level.

Timewaver and Healy inventor, Marcus Schmieke tells the story of it’s development (a bit technical in places…)


In the 3 videos below, Marcus introduces a new innovation, the Healy Coil  This is an attachment to the Healy, which enables us to use the it all day in an equally effective way but without the need for electrodes and Cables.  This gives us even more of an insight into the science and the scientific inspiration behind creation of the Healy (and also a pretty good grounding in the essentials of Quantum Physics).

The Healy Coil, Talk 1

The Healy Coil, Talk 2

The Healy Coil, Talk 3


In these next videos, Markus Schmieke discusses one of the most important of the Healy programs, Coherence, which comes as standard with every Healy model.  He also presents his initial research findings into its effectiveness.

Healy inventor, Marcus Schmieke describes why the new Coherence Program is so important (jump to 3:09)

Research into the effectiveness of the Coherence Program


Marcus Schmeike has been fascinated by Quantum Physics since the age of 13.  After excelling in his studies, he felt that although he loved his subject, there was another side to it that was not widely recognised – and never taught alongside it – spirituality.  He felt an urge to go to India and live a different life for a while to discover and truly understand much more about this.  He spent 12 years as a monk there, and the experience has been central to his understanding and motivation in his subsequent work.  It actually made the conception and development of the Healy possible.

Timewaver and Healy inventor, Marcus Schmieke tells the story of it’s development.

The Original Timewaver Device

In the early part of the 21st century, he created the Timewaver – his first Quantum Biofeedback device.  However, it cost tens of thousands of pounds and could only be afforded by wealthy professionals. 

The Healy was the result of his wish to make this same technology available at a much more affordable price, and in a much more portable format, so that more people could benefit from it.