Wearables: HEALY & RYSEUP


A wearable device is (obviously) one that you can wear on your body (e.g. in a pocket) as you go about daily life while it provides various benefits via frequencies of electromagnetic pulses (PEMF).

The ones we personally own and regularly use at Heartful Healing (and so can comfortably recommend) are RyseUp and Healy.  The video above introduces them and discusses the differences between them.


There’ll be much more information about the RyseUp coming soon, and you can see the basics in the video at the top of this page.

We really like RyseUp and believe it has a lot of potential both as a wearable device (using proven PEMF technology), but they’ll also soon be bringing out powerful standalone units that will be able to cover a room, a home or even a large office block.

In the meantime, as it’s new, it’s on a ridiculous promotional offer during the month of April, with 2 devices offered for the price of one.  Brief details in the one-minute video below, followed by the link to browse/buy.


According to Healy, the device harmonises the body’s bioenergetic field on multiple levels using the proven power of frequencies.  

One thing that really sets it apart is its claim to be able to scan the body in real time and understand the frequencies that are needed at each precise moment.  Frequencies can also be programmed by the user to bolster affirmations, goals or general health and well-being.

We’ve made loads of instructional videos about Healy like this one, which you can see by clicking below.

Although I personally love and regularly use the Healy (and the magnetic version, the MagHealy), we no longer sell this via Heartful Healing for the reasons outlined in this short video. 

However, if you’d like to buy one (as I would still recommend), there is more information below concerning the range of Healy versions to choose from, and other details.


There are now 5 Editions of the Healy to choose from – the video covers 4 of them, but the newer Resonance Plus Edition is shown in the graphic below. 

The video also goes into more depth, comparing the pricing and features of the various Editions, explaining how subscriptions and upgrades work and debating which to go for.  

The Healy itself is the same for each of the Editions – only the programs that come with it are different and account for the difference in price. 

The names that Healy gives to the various programs are listed below.  Please note that in the UK, Chakras, Meridians are other energetic components of the body are not recognised as part of mainstream medicine, and discussion of them, and of the ability of frequencies to affect the body, is heavily regulated in some contexts.  Therefore, Heartful Healing makes no claim about any effect they will actually have on the body, and regardless of their names, the programs should be understood to have the intention simply to promote harmony in the body’s bioenergetic field.  


There’s a 14-day money-back option if you’re not happy. 

All transactions are in your local currency (you’ll be asked to choose your location from a list).

Healy Models and Pricing

*Please see the note above and the disclaimer from Healy at the bottom of this page in relation to the names of the programs.


The Random Noise Generator (previously known as the Quantum Sensor) is claimed to enable a direct connection to be made between the device and your energetic field, so that the frequencies that you are sent are exactly those that your body needs in this moment.  I won’t attempt to go in depth into the science of it myself – I’ll leave it to inventor, Marcus Schmieke, to himself explain in this fascinating video about how it works on a more scientific level.

Timewaver and Healy inventor, Marcus Schmieke tells the story of it’s development (a bit technical in places…)