I have been a Heartfulness practitioner for more than 20 years and have been a trainer since 2003. It has been the single most important part of my life ever since.  It answered a need for a sense of meaning and purpose in my life that I had no idea I had; or more accurately, it removed the need for a sense of meaning and purpose by fulfilling that need at its source.

In my case, it’s the only reason I made it to 40 years of age.  I had been lost, disoriented and rudderless, and I knew that if I continued on that trajectory, I wouldn’t last much longer before petering out.  For others, who may have totally different life situations, it has provided a dimension to their lives that has been more fulfilling that they could have imagined. 

I have experienced in myself, and seen in many other people too, a complete transformation through Heartfulness via a genuine softening of the heart, an overall balancing and a sense of subtle but deeply profound inner joy and fulfilment.

Heartfulness Meditation is always free.  All trainers worldwide offer it on a voluntary basis.  It will therefore not take place during our regular sessions, but we will make other arrangements.

What is it?

“In our life troubles are at a physical level, mental level, ego level, & subtle body level. What happens when we go to the center of ourselves, by going to the innermost depth of our heart?  It is possible with a little practice; a little interest will take us there.”  Daaji, Global Guide for Heartfulness 

It is a very simple practice, consisting of the following core elements:

Heartfulness Guide, Daaji

“Try to speak the truth in a way that evokes love in others.”  Daaji, Global Guide for Heartfulness 

  • Meditation – First thing in the morning, for as long as we feel suits us. Half an hour is a good amount to start off with.  I generally meditate between 40-50 minutes.
  • Cleaning – End of the working day, to clear the impressions accumulated. 20-30 minutes.
  • Prayer/Affirmation – A particular statement of our intention and understanding that we repeat once at the very start of meditation, and again meditate briefly on before sleep.
  • (Optional) Relaxation – to help you get into the space to begin meditating.

The Heartfulness website guides you in depth through these daily practices, and more.  Click the logo to visit.  

These are supplemented by regular personal sittings with a trainer.  Once a week is an ideal minimum, though there’s nothing to stop you having them daily if desired.  There is no cost.  Each person can be assigned a local trainer who can give these sitting in person (or remotely if necessary) as well as answering any questions or providing clarifications on any aspect of the practice. 

Or, if you prefer to begin this alone at first, there’s a phone app (HeartsApp) where a network of trainers worldwide can offer sittings on demand.  Click below to get it on Android or for the iPhone.

The reason it is so effective is that, uniquely, it benefits from the transmission of yogic energy from the Source directly into the heart of the person practising, which stimulates and nurtures spiritual growth and development.  Of course, these are just words until it is directly experienced and the gradual transformation of each person becomes evident to them.

How do I Start?

A minimum of 3 introductory sittings is required in order to be able to access the yogic transmission and properly benefit from the practice.  These are given by a trainer, either remotely or in person, who will then guide you in how to practice, but can also be taken via a series of 3 online webinars (about 40 minute each) given by Kamlesh Patel, the global guide for Heartfulness.

To be connected to a trainer, you can find one near you by entering your address or postcode on the Heartspots website – https://heartspots.heartfulness.org/ .  Alternatively, you can write to me at   guy@heartfulhealing.co.uk and I will find a trainer near you to introduce you to.  If you have any issues connecting with them for any reason and we can’t find you another, let me know and I will give you the introductory sittings.

Or, if you prefer to begin this by yourself and connect with a trainer later, click the “Mastering Being” image to access the free introductory webinars.

Try Heartfulness:

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Daaji, the Heartfulness global Guide speaks about meditation about what’s special about Heartfulness.

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Daaji, the Heartfulness global Guide speaks about how Heartfulness can help us.

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