Heart Wall Removal

Removing the Heart Wall is a foundational step, and is almost always amongst the first things that I would work with a client on.  It is often one of the major things blocking progress or improvement of a symptom of issue.

The short video below explains what exactly a Heart Wall is.  It’s taken from our full 8-minute Emotion Code explainer video.  You can find out more about the Emotion Code on our Emotion Code page.

A Heartful Healing video explaining the Heart Wall

With The Emotion Code, we are able to release the Heart Wall, emotion by emotion.  But there’s a limit to how much of the Heart Wall we can release at any one time – the body knows how much it can absorb at once – so we generally use the first part of the first 3-4 sessions to remove it, and for the remainder of the session-time, we work directly on your priority issues.

In the modern world, almost everybody has a Heart Wall, most likely created during very difficult periods of life, and it can manifest in some of the following ways (amongst others):

  • Inability to give or receive love
  • Difficult or complicated relationships with others
  • Depression, anxiety, sluggishness or low-energy
  • Lowered Immunity
  • Less able to connect with intuition
  • Being unable to achieve success or move forward in certain areas of life
  • Physical aches and pains



Our introduction to The Emotion Code – an extremely simple but deeply powerful healing method we use.


Our introduction to The Body Code – the core of all Heartful Healing services, and incorporating within it The Emotion Code..


Once the Heart Wall is removed by releasing each of the trapped emotions within it one by one, many people find that without this weight on their shoulders, their whole experience of life transforms.  Sometimes this happens immediately.  For others, it can happen over a period of time.

There are many testimonials about the ways that this has worked for people in Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code book.  One of my favourites is the story of a mother and her teenage son with serious anger issues.  They had their Heart Walls cleared together, and the son felt an immediate and complete transformation of his whole life – he was much calmer and even his appearance and his school-grades changes –  while the mother felt nothing at all.  After a couple of months, she even went to complain to Dr. Nelson about how ineffective it had been for her.  About a year later, they met again in a shop, but he didn’t recognise her as she had completely changed; she was radiant, so much lighter and happier than she had been last time they met, and with a new job and a new relationship.  She recognised him and approached him to tell him about how everything had fallen into place in her life since her Heart Wall came down.

Body Code Creator, Dr. Brad Nelson and his wife, Jean, explain where the concept of the Heart Wall came from.

He explains that about 30% of people feel the full benefit of Heart Wall removal immediately after the last trapped emotion is removed from it, while most see the benefits unfold over a longer period.  These benefits can include better energy/immunity, healthier relationships, more abundance and a greater sense of purpose in life; all leading to a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Most people tend to have between 30-50 Heart Wall emotions to remove, though it can be higher or lower.  A smaller number of people have an additional “hidden” Heart Wall of a few more trapped emotions that only become available to release once the first Heart Wall has cleared.  This is more rare, but it does happen.