Intake Form For Energy Healing

Preparing for Your First Energy Healing Session

Please click the link to download the Intake form.  Please complete it and return it to at least 3 days before your first session (if you have booked within 3 days of your first session, please return it asap).

This preparatory work is extremely valuable in programming your subconscious to set a clear vision and lay the groundwork to begin to work towards it, even before we meet.

Click icon above to download the form.  If any issues, please right click on it (or long-press if you’re on a phone) and select to save the “link” or the “target”.

Please Note: Some people have found that there are sometimes issues downloading this on some browsers (e.g. Chrome) or on Apple machines. 

If this happens, please right-click on the arrow and click “Save As…” (or equivalent) to download it.  You may need to choose to ignore a warning and download anyway. 

If this still doesn’t work, please write to the email address above and you’ll be sent a copy by email.