Joining A Session

Joining Details

Please join the session at the time of your booking using the following Zoom link:

Meeting ID (in case needed) – 651 511 3358

Password ( in case needed) – healing

Avoiding Connectivity Issues

Occasionally there are connectivity issues, and you can take the following steps in advance of the session to avoid these and ensure that no time from the session is lost on frustrating technical issues:

  • (especially if this is the first session) click on the Zoom link before the session and see if you get through to the waiting room or to a message saying that the meeting isn’t currently open.  
  • If, having tried the step above, you can’t get connected, search instead on Skype for Heartful Healing and send me a message, so that we can use Skype instead.  Please let me know as far in advance of the session as possible if you’d like to use Skype.
  • If neither option works (very unlikely), please send me an email with you phone number on it (again as far in advance of the session as possible) and I’ll try connecting with you by phone or (if not in the UK) on WhatsApp so that we can speak on phone or WhatsApp instead.