No Results from Energy Healing?

If your healing seems not to be having results, there are a number of things we can consider to help us understand why this is happening, and to move through it to become more successful.

1. Maybe It Is Working

Energy work can sometimes take time to show results.  I’ve had many experiences working with clients where nothing seems to be happening on a particular issue so we’ve given up and moved on to something else.  Only weeks or more later, when I’ve asked how that issue that we used to work on is doing now, has it emerged that it was no longer there.  It just took time for the work to manifest openly in daily life.

It’s been true for myself too.  For example, one of the first things I worked on for myself was a stinging in my right eye.  There seemed to be no progress so I stopped working on it, and it was only several weeks later that I realised that I hadn’t experienced the stinging for some time.

This way of working is very subtle, and the way it manifests in our lives can take time, and then emerge very gently, so it’s possible to have profound change without realising it’s happened until you look back much later.

2. The Basics

The foundational ideas of making a deep connection with the Source, directing its power with our intention and focusing on the positive result that we want to achieve rather than onthe problem we want to be rid of were explained in more detail in our first article – 3 Simple Ways to Transform Your Healing.

These are the very foundations of successful energy healing, and putting them into practice can make a tremendous difference to the results of the work.

3. Are You Looking In The Right Place?

There’s a danger for energy healers in that it’s easy to be tempted to try to speak authoritatively about the mechanics of how healing works and what causes what and so on. 

Essentially, this stems from a lack of confidence in our ability to do the work.  It actually requires no in-depth understanding or expertise from us whatsoever, only an open-hearted ability to be a channel for whatever work needs to express itself through us.  However, this does not fit well with the modern work-ethic, and can sometimes be thought of as lazy.  It also doesn’t fit with the prevailing reverence for expertise.  So it can be easy to be tempted to want to explain things to bolster the credibility that others may perceive in us.

However, with energy healing, this only blocks us from achieving our full potential.  In reality, anything can cause anything – we can’t possibly guess, however much expertise we may have.  Each person’s particular situation and set of imbalances are unique and unknown.  An apparent digestive issue might in fact stem from a brain gland imbalance, or the misalignment of a meridian, or something that might seem even less related.

The best we can do is to come to terms with what energy healing does and does not require from us and allow ourselves to be a channel for whatever work needs to happen though us.

4. Could It Be Your Client?

It’s also possible that the lack of results are not due to the healer, but to the client’s readiness to heal.  It’s worth checking with their subconscious mind whether they’re fully aligned with the goals they’ve stated they want to work on, and then, with their permission – conscious and subconscious – bring them into full alignment with these goals.

If we want to have more clients who are fully ready for their healing process, an obvious thing to do would be to work on ourselves.  When we refine ourselves, then the sorts of people we attract will also change and will be more aligned with the new version of ourselves that we’ve created through the work.

5. Other Things To Try

If you’re new to healing, it might simply be that you need more time to fully access your healing potential.  Stay positive and consider getting help from another energy healing practitioner who might be able to accelerate the process for you.

If you’ve been healing for a while and seem to have lost your ability – and you’ve checked the obvious things, like that you’re fully grounded and hydrated, it may be that you’ve been knocked off-balance by something that’s affected your healing.  It could be a physical or emotional shock or conflict, it may be a situation that you have some underlying worry or anxiety about, or it might be a substance that you’ve taken that isn’t good for you.  It might even be that one of those things hasn’t happened to you at all but has happened to a client or other associate and you’ve picked it up from them.

It can be scary when that happens – it’s happened to me a couple of times and I’ve completely lost my muscle-testing ability for a few days, until I worked with another practitioner to get it back on track.  If it happens to you, stay calm, and book a session as soon as possible with a practitioner you trust to set you right again.

There’s almost always a way to improve the results you’re getting and I hope that the suggestions above help take you there.

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