Pathway To Health

This will be of most interest to people who have long-term health issues that don’t neatly fit into a category that enables health professionals (conventional or alternative) to successfully treat them.  As a result, you are likely to have tried many different approaches and been disappointed many times.

This focus package aims to cut through this pattern by combining 3 fundamental ways of dealing with persistent health issues:

1 – Underlying Limiting Beliefs around Health and Recovery – This is the most often ignored factor in someone’s failure to recover.  It doesn’t matter how incredible a particular treatment is, it is much less likely to yield results if the patient is believing that they can’t heal, or don’t deserve to be in great health, or are weak or a victim.  Pathway to Health will start by identifying and reversing your limiting beliefs around health and recovery.

2 – Dealing with the Fundamentals of Good Health – For this, we are inspired by the Medical Medium Protocols (on which there is much more below), and we will focus on slowly bringing up your immunity and liver function and bringing down pathogens (like the Epstein Barr Virus) and heavy metals.  I spent more than 3 years working through these protocols, with the guidance of an intuitive practitioner, and reduced my pathogen and heavy metal loads from dangerous levels to near zero, while dramatically improving the functioning of my liver and other key organs.  I wish I had known then that it was possible to achieve the same results energetically in a tiny fraction of the time and avoiding the thousands of pounds I spent on supplements!

3 – Focus on your Specific Health Issues – Once your limiting beliefs are cleared out and the most likely physical causes of long term ill health have been dealt with, the remaining sessions will be reserved for dealing with any specific energetic or structural contributing factors to your particular health issues.  For this, we will use The Emotion Code and The Body Code.

This is by far the most ambitious focus-package offered by Heartful Healing and is also likely to be the longest for most people.

Before the programme begins, you will be asked to rate your current situation, beliefs and attitudes to various areas of health and healing.  This will help us to more precisely target the early sessions.

You will then be encouraged to undergo an Underlying Health Report to ascertain your current status in the key indicators that can contribute to a successful detox and health transformation.  This will help us to target the second phase of the programme based on where you need the most attention.

Through these actions, other key indicators are usually automatically brought down significantly without our need to explicitly focus on, including adrenal fatigue, neurological fatigue, dirty blood and sluggishness of the lymph system.  We track these with the Underlying Health Report, and a second Report is recommended before the final session (if you prefer not to purchase these Reports, we can do some basic investigation during the sessions themselves).

If a decent diet and good attitude are maintained, we can expect to keep these achievements, which otherwise take years of hard work to accomplish.

See below for details of what action you can take by yourself in advance of working with me or at any time, most of which is based on the Medical Medium approach that we draw on in the second phase of the programme. 

How Do I Sign Up?

You can use your regular sessions to undertake this Focus Package.  Once your Heart Wall is cleared, just let me know you’re interested, and you’ll receive a health-related questionnaire, which will help us work through phases 1 and 3 of this Focus Package.  

What Can I Do By Myself In The Meantime?


Eating right is essential to keeping the benefits you will achieve on this programme and avoiding the resurgence of liver issues and inviting the pathogens back.

You can read the Medical Medium books below for guidance on his recommendations for an ideal diet (particularly the original Medical Medium book), but the essential elements of it are:

  • Vegan (being especially careful to avoid eggs and dairy)
  • Gluten Free (avoid wheat – including spelt and kamut – rye and barley. Gluten-free oats are okay)
  • Low Fat (and where there is fat, use healthy fats, like avocados and cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil)
  • Low or no Processed Foods (ideally none….)
  • Low salt (and keep to healthy salts like Himalayan)
  • A litre of water with the juice of one lemon on an empty stomach first thing in the morning (start with half a litre if a litre is too much, and build to ¾ or 1 litre as possible, adjusting the amount of lemon juice). Then wait half an hour before eating or drinking anything else.

This is a big change for many people, so do not put too much pressure on yourself to stick to all of it.  You might find that once the pathogens are gone, these foods are no longer craved and it is only habit and the memory of the emotional need they used to fill that is still drawing you to them.  Just noticing that and taking appropriate action can be powerful.  The more of this you can do, at least while we’re working together, the more the work will be well supported.

Recommended Books

Cleanse To Heal – details & step by step instructions for all the various cleanses.

Medical Mediumthe background and basics of his approach to health.

Then you can decide what you want to do for the longer term.  My own diet is now overwhelmingly raw fruits and vegetables and I feel so much better for it.

Where to Buy

If you choose Vimergy products, they can be bought from the Aggressive Health Shop in the UK, or direct from Vimergy in the US

The Global Healing B12 can be bought from the Finchley Clinic in the UK and direct from GHC in the US

For Eidon zinc and the other Spirulinas, the best places even for UK/Europe is probably the US online stores iHerb or Vitacost.  Even taking the shipping & VAT into account, they still often work out  cheaper than buying locally, and often have sales where everything is a further 10-20% off.  Beware not to exceed the Customs Duty threshold though (about £135) to avoid extra taxes.


There are many many supplements that it is possible to take to help us – depending on what we’re dealing with.  We should be aware that if our liver is not functioning well, we probably won’t absorb very much of them (nor that much from our food), which is one reason I like to address liver functioning as a first port of call (and the liver does so much more for us too).  Medical Medium recommends 2 supplements for everybody to take though, as it’s virtually impossible to get enough of these from our food.

  • B12 – It needs to be in the right form, though, with enough adenosylcobalamin in it.  He has recommended Vimergy and before that Global Healing, which according to my testing is a little more beneficial.
  • Zinc – Again, it needs to be in zinc sulphate form.  He has recommended Vimergy, and before that Eidon and Good State.  My testing indicates that Vimergy is most beneficial, followed by Eidon.
  • I also take Spirulina as an incredible natural multi-vitamin.  Again, he has recommended Vimergy, and before that, Nutrex, which still tests as highly beneficial.  My favourite one though, which I finds tests slightly higher than Nutrex and tastes much better is Healthforce.  However, this is more expensive and only ships to the UK/Europe direct from the US.

These are now the only supplements that I take on a regular basis.  You can read more about his rationale for them in the Medical Medium books.


While it’s not strictly necessary to do cleanses when working energetically, it is in any case helpful for the body to have a break from the usual onslaught of suboptimal food that we put into it, and it can serve to get us in the habit of eating well longer term so that the diffculties we are trying to resolve do not recur.

There are some Medical Medium Cleanses that might be especially helpful.  All of these are explained in depth in the Cleanse To Heal book:

  • The 3-6-9 Liver Cleanse – You can do any version of this that appeals (there are 3). I tend to do one of these (usually the Advanced version) at least every few months).
  • The Morning Cleanse – This is invaluable for keeping the body (especially the liver) clean and light through the morning and giving it a chance to do its work. Essentially it is lemon water followed after at least half an hour by celery juice, and then just watery fruits and (ideally raw) vegetables through the morning, with no fats until lunchtime (once we’ve got your heavy metals down to zero, you may wish to substitute the Heavy Metal Detox cleanse instead of the Morning Cleanse a couple of times a week to keep them there).
  • The Anti-Bug Cleanse – This is invaluable for getting us in the habit of eating longer-term in the best way for the body. There are 5 levels of foods to avoid in order of importance, and you can work to the level that feels like your limit at the current time. 
I should point out that I am not affiliated to Medical Medium in any way, nor am I a trained nutritionist.  My input should not be taken as professional medical advice nor as a substitute for such.  I approach this from the point of view of energy healing, informed by the experience and guidance I have been fortunate to benefit from in my own Medical Medium journey.