Your Energy Healing Session – What to Expect and How Best to Prepare

Starting Energy Healing can be your step towards a transformed new life.  Let’s find out what you can expect from a session, how you can prepare to make sure you get the most from it, and what might happen before, during and after the session.

1. Before The Session

The best thing you can do before a session is to spend some time considering what you want the result of the work to be.

As part of the online booking process, you’ll be asked to fill in a simple Intake Form, outlining your issues, how strong they are, how long you’ve had them and what your ideal outcome of this work would be.

I suggest noting down a quick answer to the first 3 questions, but spending much more time on the 4th – your ideal outcome.

It’s easy to dwell on our problems – the pains, or difficulties in our lives – but it’s much more conducive to the work if we instead imagine how we want our lives to be without them.  For example, instead of thinking, “I wish my sleep issues would go away”, we can instead imagine what we want in their place – perhaps waking up feeling refreshed and full of joyful energy and active through the day.  Instead of thinking “I wish me and my partner didn’t have so many problems”, we can picture a life where we’re really happy and full of joy in each other’s company.

Thinking in this way actively contributes to the work that we’ll be doing together, and helps to facilitate its success.

It’s not only about saying some words or inventing a picture.  This most powerfully supports the work when we try to bring into our bodies the actual feelings that we’ll have when these things are achieved – as if we already have them, and then to feel grateful for these feelings.

There’s another Heartful Healing article – called 3 Simple Ways to Transform your Energy Healing – that goes into more depth about this.

2. During The Session

At the beginning of the session, we may briefly discuss your issue, and – more importantly – your desired results, so that we’re clear that we’re both working towards the same thing.

Then I’ll take a few seconds of silence to make a connection and establish a link with your subconscious mind so that we can do the work.

You can find recordings of sample sessions on our Youtube channel and also around our website, to give you a feel for what sort of thing happens during a session.

Having prepared for the session already, there’s not a lot for you to do during it, but there are some simple things that will really help optimise it.

Make sure you have plenty of fresh water to hand.  Drinking water can greatly enhance the results of the work.  It enables the energy to penetrate deeper, as well as flushing out toxins and other impurities that may have been dislodged during the session.

Make sure you’re in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted by others.  There may not be a lot to do, but your presence and attention is invaluable.

And very importantly, tune in to and stay connected throughout the session to the vision you created during your preparation, and the associated feelings.  These feelings are the real language that our mind understands.  As we explained earlier, this actively feeds into and directs the work.  Your connection with these feelings acts as an instruction to your subconscious mind to direct its efforts towards creating them.  During the session, this helps it to identify imbalances in the body that are specifically blocking your vision from becoming a reality, so that these can be released.

3. After The Session

After the session, continue to drink plenty of water for the rest of the day, and ideally through the following day too.  If you can incorporate movement into your routine as well, that would be great, and even better if you’re able also to ground yourself – either by walking barefoot outside, being in nature, or else using grounding products that you can find online.

Ideally, you’ll be able to take some time to yourself to relax and take things easy.  It wouldn’t be ideal to go directly into, say, a potentially stressful meeting.

There’s a small possibility – perhaps somewhere between 10-20% – that you could experience what we call “processing symptoms” for a few hours or maybe even a couple of days after the session, which is simply your body’s way of processing the work that has been done.  For some, this might simply mean they feel light and joyful for a while, or calm and peaceful– some people find they sleep much better and more deeply.  But for others, it may mean they become a little irritable or more easily triggered for a while, or that their sleep is disturbed or their initial symptoms or others get a little worse for a while before settling down.

If this happens, the best way to speed it along out of your body, is again with water, movement and grounding – or spending time in nature.

In terms of the issue we’ve been working on, where there is a significant improvement during or after a session, there are a number of things that might happen next:

  • The benefits could stabilise and become part of your life. 
  • The benefits may also continue to improve further in the days after the session or even over a longer period. 
  • But there’s also the possibility that they could revert back to how they were before.

If they revert, it’s not a cause for panic.  It simply means that the work was only able to be completed at a more superficial level at this point and has been easily short-circuited.  It’s just that your system is not yet fully in balance and that further work is required to strengthen and stablise the work.  The initial improvement is an indication that your body is responding, and the reversion indicates that more work is necessary.


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