Quantum Coaching


Do you know what you want but find it difficult to manifest it?  Perhaps it’s a goal related to your business or leadership role, or it might be around self-sabotaging behaviour that you want to change in your daily life or relationships.

Sometimes, we find that our efforts alone are not sufficient to achieve our goals, or that if they are, we find ourselves unable to sustain them.

Quantum Coaching is an intensive self-improvement method, designed to identify and eliminate the subtle and unconscious impediments that stand in the way and provide the impetus to realise your vision.

We do this by combining forms of energy healing with traditional life or business coaching to address your goals from multiple angles.

Quantum Coaching is delivered via Zoom sessions and works on a monthly subscription which includes the elements below.


There are 3 pillars to Quantum Coaching:

The Body Code

This is the core Heartful Healing service and is at the heart of all our work.  Having identified your main goal, we’ll first interrogate your subconscious mind through muscle-testing to find out exactly how aligned you actually are to the goal.  It may be different from what you consciously think.  We’ll then identify and remove any underlying emotional and other energetic imbalances that are preventing you from being fully aligned with your goal, to bring you into full subconscious harmony with it.  This is important because we often sabotage ourselves from achieving what we want to without understanding why.  When we’re fully aligned, the self-sabotage no longer has a place.

The Healy Coach

We strengthen the Body Code work with Frequency Therapy, by applying frequencies to work directly on your bio-energetic field, which we direct to further align you with the achievement of your goals. The Healy personal Quantum Bio-Feedback device now has a Coaching module, which can identify specific themes and issues in your subconscious that need to be addressed in order for you to advance towards your goal.  For practical reasons, it’s recommended that Quantum Coaching clients get their own Healy so that they can take advantage of these much-needed frequencies continuously between sessions (and will then also have the rest of the Healy functionality available too).

Life Coaching

QC - Coaching

The Body Code and the Healy are essential in removing blockages and opening out possibilities of advancement towards your goals.  Without them, your best efforts are likely to remain fruitless as the unconscious blocks that are beyond your control prevent success.  But they are not the whole story.  You have a part to play too.  Energy work gives your own efforts new potential and real power, but you still need to make those efforts, which will often involve overcoming old habits and learnt reactions.  The Life Coaching element is intended to provide you with motivation and to shine a light on areas where your active attention is required to optimise your results.                                                          .

When these 3 elements are applied together, they re-inforce and build on each other and your goals are addressed from multiple angles synergistically to maximise your prospects of success.


Select your Coach according to your needs: 

Carole Anne Rice

Life/Business Coaching

Carole Ann Rice has been one of the UK’s leading life coaches for 18 years.  A published author of 2 books she is the UK’s only life-coach to have had a national daily newspaper column and won the Best Coach Award in the Best Business Women’s Awards in 2017.

She coaches high end clients and CEO’s, students and supermodels, scientists and start ups and anyone looking to reach their potential and to live with passion and purpose in all things they do.

Her corporate clients include the London School of Economics and the National Children’s Bureau.

She is MD of the Pure Coaching Academy  (IAPCM accredited)  where she trains amazing people to become world class life coaches.

The following is included with each month’s subscription:

  • 4 x Body Code sessions with Heartful Healing
  • 2 x Life Coaching sessions with Carole
  • 2 x Healy Coach analysis sessions (which may also include additional Body Code work) with Heartful Healing

Lori Weber

Conscious Eating

Lori Weber is the founder of the Mindful Eating Clinic, and will be providing the food-based coaching if you opt for the Conscious Eating option (You can read more about what that entails and see an option to subscribe to it at a reduced price without the Healy Coach on our Conscious Eating page). 

Lori is a pragmatic and empathetic eating and nutrition coach.  Having fixed her own disordered eating relationship she has retrained to help others to find a happy life with food. 

Lori has diplomas in Nutrition and Weight Management, Behaviour Change and a Master Practitioner in the treatment of obesity and eating disorders from NCfED.  Her work is solution-based and she understands the issues and behaviours which lead to disordered eating. 

This version works a little differently.  We begin with a 6-week more intensive Consious Eating programme, including:

  • 4 x Body Code sessions with Heartful Healing
  • 4 x Eating Coaching sessions with Lori
  • (optionally) 2 x Healy Coach analysis sessions (which may also include additional Body Code work) with Heartful Healing

This is followed by a less intense monthly subscription consisting of: 

  • 3 x Body Code sessions with Heartful Healing
  • 2 x Mindful Eating Coaching sessions with Lori
  • (optionally) 2 x Healy Coach analysis sessions (which may also include additional Body Code work) with Heartful Healing

Please note: You can read more about Conscious Eating and find out the pricing for it on our Conscious Eating page.

You can see Carole interviewing me about Quantum Coaching for her weekly newsletter here.


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We recommend that you take a couple of Body Code sessions before subscribing to Quantum Coaching.  This will both give you a clear feel as to whether working with me is a good fit for you, and will give us a chance to start clearing your Heart Wall, which is an important foundation to the success of any other work, including Quantum Coaching.  You can find out more about the Heart Wall on our Emotion Code page or in this video we’ve put together about it. 


Either let me know during one of our Body Code sessions, or……..