Reclaim Joy & Self Esteem

This Focus Package deals with the deep unconscious roots of how we abuse ourselves with our horrific unconscious beliefs about ourselves and our place in society, which we sometimes have no idea we’re actually holding. When these are released and transformed into positive self-affirming ones, it paves the way for us to begin to move to a life of unsuspected joy.

The work is done energetically, so the beliefs will be identified and reversed without any need to revisit painful situations or to get into talking about or experiencing the negativity.

I consider that once the Heart Wall is removed, this is the foundational step towards a better life.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can use your regular sessions to undertake this Focus Package.  Once your Heart Wall is cleared, just let me know you’re interested, and you’ll receive a questionnaire asking you to rate yourself against several common limiting beliefs relating to the foundations of joy and self-esteem that could be holding you back, as well as to identify any particular areas, issues or beliefs you feel may be at the heart of the issue for you.  This will form the basis of our time together during the programme as we work to reverse the beliefs and eliminate the issues, to leave you free to live in true appreciation of yourself, your value and of your life.