Resonating Relationships

Whether you’re in a relationship which is in need of optimising, or you’re searching for the ideal partner who never seems to come along, releasing energetic imbalances, and especially releasing the Heart Wall, can be instrumental in moving forward.

There is also a specially designed programme by Discover Healing aimed at either:

  • Improving an existing relationship with a partner – so many complications can occur within a relationship – over time, we can drift apart and lose whatever magic there was at the start, or we can develop unhealthy dynamics, perhaps with one domineering partner and another who does not have the confidence to express themselves or ask for what they need.  Issues of trust can come up, or we can just tire of each other.  This programme is designed to optimise the harmony, connction, mutual nurturing and joy in a relationship;

Dr. Bradley Nelson introduces the Resonating Relationships Programme.


  • Helping to make someone open enough to attract their ideal relationship – we can sometimes feel blocked in finding our ideal match, and even so anxious about it that we seem to push it away.  This programme is designed to change our vibration to the point where we’re actively attracting our ideal partner without consciously having to do anything.
When I purchased this programme, I used it first of all on myself and my wife, and it had a tangible effect on how we related to each other.  Communication was smoother with fewer misunderstandings and a great general improvement in how we related to each other, which has really helped the quality of both of our lives!!  If you’d like to go through this programme, which typically takes 6-10 sessions, let me know in advance as there is a preliminary questionnaire to fill out.

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Our work is all done remotely and, as we’re working directly with the subconscious mind, there’s no need to discuss or re-live painful memories.

We use muscle-testing to identify what imbalances are causing the pain, and then use a simple technique to release them.  The results can be amazing.

There’s no need to discuss or relive each painful experiences that caused the trapped energy in the first place.  This is not psychotherapy, far from it.  Your job is simply to be present and aware of the life you’d like to be living.  It’s not even necessary to be in the same place – we can do it all over Zoom.

We’ve made these couple of videos to introduce the main methods we use for natural pain relief:

The Emotion Code

The Body Code

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