Resonating Relationships

This is a specially designed programme by Discover Healing aimed at either:

  • Improving an existing relationship with a partner – so many complications can occur within a relationship – over time, we can drift apart and lose whatever magic there was at the start, or we can develop unhealthy dynamics, perhaps with one domineering partner and another who does not have the confidence to express themselves or ask for what they need.  Issues of trust can come up, or we can just tire of each other.  This programme is designed to optimise the harmony, connction, mutual nurturing and joy in a relationship;

Dr. Bradley Nelson introduces the Resonating Relationships Programme.


  • Helping to make someone open enough to attract their ideal relationship – we can sometimes feel blocked in finding our ideal match, and even so anxious about it that we seem to push it away.  This programme is designed to change our vibration to the point where we’re actively attracting our ideal partner without consciously having to do anything.
When I purchased this programme, I used it first of all on myself and my wife, and it had a tangible effect on how we related to each other.  Communication was smoother with fewer misunderstandings and a great general improvement in how we related to each other, which has really helped the quality of both of our lives!!

How Do I Sign Up?

You can use your regular sessions to undertake this Focus Package.  Once your Heart Wall is cleared, just let me know you’re interested, and you’ll receive a questionnaire asking you to rate yourself against several common limiting beliefs relating to your attitudes towards and beliefs around relationships that could be holding you back, as well as to identify any particular areas, issues or beliefs you feel may be at the heart of the issue for you.  This will form the basis of our time together during the programme as we work to reverse the beliefs and eliminate the issues, to leave you free to find new relationships and/or optimise existing ones.