What Results Can I Expect From Energy Healing

It’s the question everyone wants to know the answer to before embarking on taking energy healing sessions.  What results can I expect?

Anyone who tells you or gives you the impression that ALL of their clients are immediately transformed is not being entirely truthful.

So, what sort of results can I expect from energy healing and how long will they take to show themselves.  And in the meantime, how can I judge whether it’s actually working for me?

1. How Long Will Results Take To Show?

In terms of how quickly to expect results after a session, this varies wildly not only from person to person, but even from session to session for the same person.  Sometimes, great transformations occur as a result of a few minutes work, and are felt during the session itself – especially with physical pain. Other times, it takes more sessions to see any changes.  It really depends on the person and how much imbalance there is in their system that needs to be resolved before the main benefits can be felt, which is impossible to know until it’s removed. 

I’ve shared before that it’s often been the case that I’ve worked with someone on an issue for several sessions with apparently no results, so we’ve moved on to work on something else, and then weeks later I’ve asked them about that original issue again, and they can barely remember it as it hasn’t troubled them for a while.  The same thing has happened when working on myself.  Some things for some people just take longer to move through their system and see changes.

People sometimes feel disheartened by this, and may even switch to another practitioner and get quick success with them, without realising that it’s the work of the original practitioner that laid the foundation and made the success possible.

2. How Effective Is Energy Healing?

It’s unfortunately the case that it’s impossible to know exactly how and how much my particular issue will be improved by the work.  We aim to get people to function at their full potential, but it’s not possible to know in advance what that potential is for each issue.

This potential may also grow over time, so further improvement might well possible later, with or without further work.

As a rule of thumb, though – and this just an indication of what typically happens – it’s definitely not a hard a fast rule – there are certain things that I’ve found tend to be more or less responsive to the work more or less quickly.  Physical pain is something that can often be alleviated within minutes, and there are several testimonials on our website that attest to this.  As a general indication, the more recent the pain is, the quicker it will respond – pain from an injury that happened a few months ago is likely to respond much more quickly than a chronic pain that has been causing issues for 20 years, though there are exceptions to this too.

Where there is significant physical degeneration of the tissue, for example in age-related knee-joint erosion, limited success is likely, though recovery from surgery around this can be helped through this work.

But the bottom line is that it all really depends on the particular configuration of imbalances that each person carries.

3. How Can I Judge Whether Energy Healing Is Right For Me?

I know from my own experience of receiving healing before I became a healer myself that this uncertainty about what I will get from my sessions and how long it will take to show up can be very unsatisfying and frustrating.  I was after clarity in order to be able to make an informed decision with the limited resources I had.  But the truth is that such clarity is never available before the work has taken place, as we cannot know the inner energetic state of our bodies.

So I always emphasise to people what I learnt for myself, that the best and probably the only way to decide what therapy to undergo and how long to persist with it if there aren’t immediate results, is to look within and find out what we feel about it – whether it feels right to us.  What we find could be surprising – we might on the surface be anxious that we have no results yet, but within, feel solid and certain that this is the right way.  Or vice versa.

And if things are not moving as quickly as we’d like, there are things we can do to optimise the results of our work.  We’ve made a number of other videos and articles, that offer suggestions to help with this.

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