Sample Body Code Sessions

I am seeking 6 autistic people to each receive an evaluation and 3 free sessions of the Body Code.  These sessions will be used as case studies as part of my certification process to become an official Body Code practitioner.

Why Autistic?

Life here on Earth is very challenging for most of us, and autistic people arguably have it more difficult simply because we are required to make a life in a culture that was designed with a completely different type of person in mind.  Our not fitting into the prevailing culture and mindset is perceived as a great weakness, while our true strengths are overlooked.  As a result, we are either forced out of mainstream life and marginalised, or those who do choose to try to make a mainstream living are constantly judged against standards which are not our own.

As an autistic person myself, I want to be develop a clearer understanding of common themes that might recur for autstic people and a deeper confidence that I can make a difference as a healer.  Not all of the people I’ll need to perform sessions on (there’ll be 20 in total) will be autistic, but I do want a good portion of them to be so that the learning experience is meaningful and so that I can go on to support others even more meaningfully.

What Therapy is this?

It’s a form of Energy Healing called The Body Code.  You can find out more about how it works throughout this website, in particular in the Complete Healing section.  You can also get more details in the FAQ.

What Do We Work On?

In advance of the first session, you will fill in a form where you will start to identify any significant issues you have in your life.  These could be physical, emotional, stress-related, or anything else.  We can continue to discuss this in our first session if necessary.  These issues will be the basis of our work together.

What You Will Get

Weekly Body Code sessions for 3 weeks and evaluations at the start and end, comprising:

  • An initial energetic health evaluation.
  • 3 sessions of 20-25 minutes each
  • A final re-evaluation

The session length is less than my regular sessions of 45-50 minutes.  This is because this is required by the certification body, Discover Healing and is their recommended session length which they find is most effective.  If I find this session length to be truly effective, I will consider reworking my whole appointment schedule accordingly.

Your Commitment

You agree to:

  • Reflect on what particular issues are concerning you at this time, and complete a short initial questionnaire about them.
  • Reliably attend each of the sessions punctually, not missing any of them 
  • To provide if requested a very short and honest testimonial based on your experience of the Body Code (you can see some examples of these on the home page).

It is necessary to insist on full attendance and punctuality, as these sessions are taking time-slots usually reserved for paying clients.  It would be unaffordable to me to have to reschedule or find additional subjects.  Therefore, please only apply if you are confident you can commit to this.

When Will This Happen?

This will take place starting in the first week of January and we will meet weekly for 3 weeks (we could also start earlier if you don’t mind a gap over Christmas).  Sessions will be individual 1-1 appointments.

We can aim to fix the same day and the same or a similar time each week. Sessions will take place by Zoom (or an alternative if you prefer).

Do You Want To Work With Me?

Before deciding whether to work with me, you can find out more about me before on the About Guy page, and also on the website of my charity, Transforming Autism.  You can also read my articles about autism on that site.  I have now just started to write articles about Energy Healing on the Heartful Healing site.  You can watch my TED Talk here to get a clearer idea about my perspective on autism.

Is This Free?

Yes.  These sessions are case studies that I will use towards my certification and I am not making a charge for them.  If you find that they are helpful and you would like to make a voluntary donation, this would be very welcome and there are details of how to do so on the Pricing Page.

How Do I Register Interest?

Please write to to let me know you are interested.  Please let me know your age, whether you are autistic and an idea of the key issue(s) you’d like us to work on – typically something you are doing, experiencing (including physical or emotional pain or discomfort) or believing that you feel is holding you back and you’d like to change.

Please also suggest which of the weekly time slots could be possible for you and confirm that you can commit to full attendance and punctuality (assuming we arrange a mutually convenient time).

If you are chosen, you’ll be sent a short intake form to fill in and we’ll arrange the first session.

I look forward to hearing from you