You can use your Energy Healing sessions for any of the Core Services or Focus Areas below.  The below is for information only: you don’t need to choose.  We’ll start with The Body Code and focus on any of the areas that would be  most benefical to you.  



The Emotion Code

Release the unprocessed trapped emotions stored within your body and contributing to any number of physical or emotional complications.  If desired, you can even learn how to use this very simple & powerful technique by yourself.

The Body Code

This is the basis of all Heartful Healing services.  A complete healing system which includes within it the Emotion & Belief Codes, as well as addressing energetic, toxic, structural, pathogenic, nutritional & other causes of many many issues.  

The Belief Code

Identify and root out limiting belief systems thet condition your experience & behaviour and replace them with positive affirming ones.  Available soon.  In the meantime, we can do a lot of work with beliefs using the Body Code.



A simple and unexpectedly beautiful meditation practice, which can truly transform life entirely; sometimes instantly.  A vital component of a meaningful life and most highly recommended.  Heartfulness is always free.

Stem-Cell Activation

Patches applied to the back or stomach to stimulate the production of stem cells, natural production of which decreases dramatically as we age.  Excellent results have been reported for sleep, wound-healing, energy, skin and much more.

Sponsor A Low-Income Client

A way for people who can afford this therapy to make a contribution towards the costs for someone who can’t.   We are also looking into other ways to be able to support low-income clients.


Heart Wall Removal

A foundational step, which we usually focus on as a first port of call.  Removing the Heart Wall can make other healing much more effective as well as bringing about transformational changes in itself – sometimes immediately.


Animals seem to be especially responsive to the Emotion Code, and as they are less complicated than humans, they typically have far fewer trapped emotions to release, so changes tend to be observed much more quickly.

Reclaim Joy and Self-Esteem

A strong foundation for any of the other focus areas.  Start to build a solid core of self-respect and access a sense of deep joy and fulfilment with your life.

Resonating Relationships

Whether you’re wanting to improve an existing relatinoship or find a new one, this programme from Discover Healing is designed to transform.

Access Abundance and Success

Identify and reverse the unconscious beliefs & blocks holding you back from accessing your abundance and from allowing plenty into your life.

Pathway to Health

Root out the underlying negative beliefs about your ability or deservingness to heal that have been sabotaging your efforts to heal.  Then make inroads into your underlying health and any specific health issues.

Healer Unleashed

Remove the blocks to your confidence as a healer, your muscle-testing ability, your belief in the process, and your ability to create a successful healing business, so that you can soar as a healer & truly serve

Soaring Spirit

Empower yourself to truly open your heart and gain clarity on and align yourself with your highest spiritual purpose.  Additional content is available to Heartfulness Practitioners and Trainers.