A Heartful Healing video Introducing The Emotion Code.

A simple but extremely powerful method to release the energy of repressed emotions from our past, leaving us freer to live to our full potential.  It includes the removal of the “Heart Wall” (more details in the video above or the link below), which many people find to be a foundation of their well-being and fulfilment.

A Heartful Healing video introducing The Body Code.

The Body Code is the core of our work, and incorporates within it both The Emotion Code and soon The Belief Code.  All Heartful Healing regular sessions are essentially Body Code sessions.  Whether it be aches & pains, relationship issues, anxiety/mood/sleep difficulties, blocks in moving forward in an area of life, or almost anything else, including simply desiring a greater feeling of well-being, The Body Code addresses a huge range of possible imbalances to free us from whatever is holding us back.  It works especially well on children and pets too.

A video Introducing The Belief Code (formerly T3) by Dr. Brad Nelson.

A ground-breaking method to uniquely pinpoint and then root out any limiting belief systems at at the root of our issues that are conditioning our experience and our behaviour.  It then replaces them with positive affirming ones.   The Belief Code is currently being created by Dr Brad Nelson and due to be available in 2022.



This new premium service from Heartful Healing combines the Body Code with both the power of frequency therapy using the Healy device (see below) and with traditional coaching (we’re teaming up with an excellent Life-Coach) to work towards the achievement of your goals from all angles.  These may be goals relating to money or success or specific achievements, but they may also be personal goals around relationships or self-worth or emotional balance.


Often, we know we want to change our eating habits but we find that our efforts alone are not sufficient to achieve our goals, or that if they are, we find ourselves unable to sustain them.

Mindful Eating is a way of addressing our eating behaviour – and, crucially, what lies behind it – in a new way, combining the energy healing that is at the core of Heartful Healing with practical eating-based coaching from Lori Weber, founder of The Mindful Eating Clinic.


Find Out What A "HEALY" Is, And How To Get Yours


Below are some examples of areas we can use our Body Code sessions to focus on.  For each of them, we have a programme of limiting beliefs to explore and positive affirmations we can align you with.

Reclaim Joy and Self-Esteem

Start to build a solid core of self-respect and access deep joy and fulfilment.  A strong foundation for any of the other focus areas.

Resonating Relationships

Whether you’re wanting to improve an existing relatinoship or find a new one, this programme from Discover Healing is designed to transform.

Access Abundance and Success

Identify and reverse the unconscious beliefs & blocks holding you back from accessing your abundance and from allowing plenty into your life.

Pathway to Health

Root out the underlying negative beliefs about your ability or deservingness to heal that have been sabotaging your efforts to heal.  Then make inroads into your underlying health and any specific health issues.

Healer Unleashed

Remove the blocks to your confidence as a healer, your muscle-testing ability, your belief in the process, and your ability to create a successful healing business, so that you can soar as a healer & truly serve.

Soaring Spirit

Empower yourself to truly open your heart and gain clarity on and align yourself with your highest spiritual purpose.  Additional content is available to Heartfulness Practitioners and Trainers to improve their practive and ability to serve.


Sponsor A Low-Income Client

A way for people who can afford this therapy to make a contribution towards the costs for someone who can’t.   We are also looking into other ways to be able to support low-income clients.