Ideal Length of a Healing Session

People sometimes wonder why our Body Code and other sessions are the length they are.  I recently got the opportunity to ask the creator of the Body Code, Dr. Brad Nelson, what the ideal length of a session is, and why.  His answer was clear and powerful as he explained how choosing the ideal length is critical to the optimal success of the session.  You can see him answer the question in the video above, or on YouTube at 

Our Body Code sessions are a few minutes longer than he suggests for a number of reasons – it gives us time to connect at the beginning, to allow for any technical issues and then leaves us with plenty of time to complete the work without a feeling of having to rush.  It also supports those clients who come as a whole family to make the best use of the sessions – we occasionally split a session between 2 family members so that they can have shorter and more regular doses of work, which tends to be more beneficial.  Extending the session time by a few minutes allows us to switch between them without rushing and to have plenty of time to do the work.

By contrast, Belief Code sessions are more intense as there’s a lot more to uncover and uproot.  With the Body Code we could easily complete the work in half the 25 minutes allocated, but to complete a Belief Code session in 25 mins may sometimes be tight, depending on how much there is to uncover, so these sessions are a few minutes longer.

Our Accelerated Healing sessions, on the other hand, are much shorter, as they work in a different way and it takes much less time to complete the healing.

The clip above is taken from a longer interview with Dr. Brad, in which we discussed the roots of the Body Code, some key principles of Energy Healing, some Body Code clarifications and we got an early preview of the new Belief Code!!


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