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While energy healing can make a huge difference to our lives in many ways, it’s sometimes the case that a long term issue might be partly or wholly down to a deficiency in a particular nutrient. 

This page features only products and supplements that I / my family personally buy and use regularly, and find helpful.     

In putting this page together, I contacted many of the suppliers who we get our supplements from, and some of them were happy to offer a discount to people who come to them via this page, including:

  • The Finchley Clinica serious and reputable online store with a wide range of supplements that might be difficult to find elsewhere.  You’ll automatically get 10% off all orders from them if you use the links on this page (it won’t be hilighted, but the price will be 10% cheaper than the page listing). 
  • Healfanother online store with a wide range.  You can get 10% off if you use this link. 
  • Dr Vegan – a very well-reputed producer of high-quality supplements, all of which are vegan-friendly and free of the nasties that are so common in many products.  They have exceptional reviews. You get a 20% discount off your first order with the code HEARTFULHEALING (or alternatively email me for a 30% off voucher instead – guy@heartfulhealing.co.uk) .
  • Nutri Advanced – another well-reviewed and respected supplement producer.  £10 off the first order, but only for active Heartful Healing clients.  Please enquire.

The page includes afflilate links and discount codes that may result in our receiving a small commission on purchases made.





Regardless of diet, we are all likely to be deficient in zinc and B12, and, if you’re in cloudier climates (I’m looking at you, United Kingdom), in D3 as well.  For this reason, there are many products that provide these nutrients in much higher quantities than the recommended daily intake.  We use these ones from Global Healing as they seem to be highly focused on quality and purity in their preparation.  (We get them from the Finchley Clinic, so you’ll get a 10% discount when you use these links).

10% discount

10% discount

10% discount

The K2 (from Nutri Advanced) is an option if you’d like to optimise your absorbtion of the D3 and zinc (and any minerals you may be taking).  Ideal to take with a different meal. 

With zinc, it’s not so important to get a mega-dose, so you might get this as part of a good multi-vitamin instead.  Remember the best way to take vitamins:

  • With Food Containing Fat – Vitamins A, D, E, K; Calcium
  • Wih Water (away from food) – Vitamins B and C.
  • Either – Most other, incl. most minerals and herbs.


Includes 20% off first order.

Another essential missing from vegan diets is bio-available DHA and EPA omega-3 oils.  These high-strength capsules are derrived from algae (which is where the fish get their omega-3 from in the first place).  

We use the Vegetology brand as it has the highest concentration of vegan omega-3 we’ve found, even of the rarer EPA strand.


I’ve only recently discovered Dr. Vegan and have been really impressed.  They have several alternative formulations of their daily multivit (e.g. for pregnant/ menopausal women, PMS, or men over 50).  They also have additional targeted products for various issues like stress, Eye Health, Joints, Heart Health, Hair, Skin, Brain Health, Sleep, Blood Sugar and more; and their Probiotic seems excellent (just ordered it).

Use 20% Discount Code (first order): HEARTFULHEALING

(Or else email me for a 30% voucher)

Dr Vegan not only has excellent ratings, but interestingly, unlike many other brands with nominally good ratings, the reviews they get focus primarily on the specific benefits users received from using the products. 


There’s no more concentrated source of protein on the planet than Spirulina, and many people use it as their daily Protein Powder, as well as their Multi-Vitamin as it’s so rich in nutrition.

10% Off

(search for Healthforce)

The problem is that quality varies considerably, and much of the spirulina on the market comes from less regulated sources in China.  That’s perhaps why so many people hate the taste of spirulina.

In recent years, I’ve always gone for this excellent quality brand called Healthforce, which is grown in clean fresh-water ponds in California.  The taste is incredible and I’ve often taken 50g+ per day.

I’ve found it’s cheapest on Healf (the link will take you there).  If you’re in the US, iHerb or Vitacost would be good sources for this.  If you’re using iHerb, the code HAH126 might give you a small discount, but I’m not sure it will work….

On a personal note, this is the one supplement on this page that I’m not currently taking.  This is because I seem to have developed a (hopefully temporary) sensitivity to leafy greens and their powders.  Hoping to be back on it soon!!


I’ve tried Zeolite in the past without success, but was persuaded to give this one a go by someone I trust.

In my first 10 days or so of taking it, I felt (as expected) a heavy weariness and a little more urgency in going to the toilet).  But then, I started to feel more energy and a lightness in my body that I haven’t felt in a long time, and which I’ve been wanting back!!

Over time, it’s intended to clean us out and optimise the digestive system and other key functions of the body.  It’s recommended to take 3 times/day for an initial intensive period, and then once daily.

They also have a range of other high-quality supplements.  One thing to note is that it ships from Austria.  They cover the taxes and import costs, but the shipping itself can be quite steep, so we tend to buy in bulk less often.

Note: during deep detox such as this, adverse physical, mental and emotional symptoms may occasionally occure.


Infuse Hydrogen into everyday drinking water, for important Health Benefits.  

One tablet imparts considerably more hydrogen into drinking water than the hydrogen water bottles you can find (read more about this on our Hydrogen Water page).

Dissolve a tablet into half a litre or more of water and once it has dissolved, drink immediately.  There is a distinct and noticeable lightness and also a slightly altered taste to the water, and it goes down extremely easily.  It’s interesting that if I try to drink regular water again afterwards, it’s almost impossible to get down, after this has gone down so easily.


This might be even more powerful than Hydrotab; in fact, many times more powerful.  In theory, each 20mg NADH tablet provides hundreds of times as much bio-available hydrogen as a Hydrotab tablet.  Reviews seem to suggest that results are most noticeable in situations of acute need.  I have tried this for some time at a high dose without any noticeable results, but I’m leaving the links here in case you’d like to read the reviews and make your own decision.  They have a sublingual (for faster release) and a timed release version. 

10% discount included (plus volume discounts up to 10%)


Okay, so it’s not exactly a health product, but this is by far our favourite brand of dark chocolate, Hu.  It tastes amazing.

10% Off

(Search for Hu Dark Chocolate)

Me and my son love the Mint, Vanilla Crunch and ‘Simple’ (plain) flavours.  It’s not the cheapest, but we’ve found it to be by far the best – even after trying the ultra-luxury brands.  It even has a really nice after-taste.

Remember to use our link for 10% off.



Impressive new PEMF-based wearable device is now available, with option for lifetime access to all programs.


Unfortunately, Healy is no longer available to buy through Heartful Healing (though we do still like it).  Click the “Learn More” button to find out why.  Therefore, you will need to find another supplier who will be able to provide this device.


If you like the idea of learning and certifying in these life-transforming energy healing practices with a view to working with clients yourself, you can order to certifications from Discover Healing by clicking one of the images above, or browsing them all by clicking below.