Sponsor a Low Income Client

This concept was inspired by Coffee Houses where people can buy an additional drink which goes on the slate and that the staff can save for someone who comes in and is unable to afford a coffee.

This is essentially the same thing and has the goal of making this life-changing healing available to people for whom it would otherwise be out of reach.  When paying for your sessions, you can choose to donate an additional amount to subsidise a session for someone who can’t afford the full price.  The money will be earmarked specifically for this purpose.  Then, when someone who is in need arranges a session but cannot pay the full price, this fund will be used to top up what they can’t pay.


If you are paying by credit or debit card during the booking process, you’ll be given the opportunity to add a percentage or a custom amount to sponsor a low-income client.

If you are paying by bank transfer (currently the prefered option), you will need to add this manually.  If you do this, I will not be notified automatically, so please send me an email to let me know how much you have added for this purpose.

The money donated in this way will not be used for anything else.  It will be budgeted separately and used only for the purpose of subsidising the fees of clients who have low incomes and are not able to afford to pay in full.  

If, for example, 50% of Heartful Healing clients added 10% to their payment for this purpose, then we’d be able to offer 1 in every 10 clients sessions at half price if they needed it.  It’s a new idea, but if it works, it will really be a great testament to the generosity of our clients and to the positive, enabling power of this generosity.