Sponsor a Low Income Client

The idea of this is to make this life-changing healing available to people for whom it would otherwise be out of reach. 

We invite those clients who have the means to donate an amount of your choice to help subsidise the fees of clients who are unable to pay the full fee themselves.

There are other healers who offer cheaper pricing, but if someone feels specifically drawn to working with me, I like to give them the option to pay a lower fee.  Some of this is at my own expense, but there are obvious limits to what is possible doing it like that, so the more that can be raised by other clients (and others) the more people can be helped.

Any money donated for this purpose will be kept in a separate fund and will not be used for anything else.  

If, for example, half of Heartful Healing clients donated an additional 10% of their payment for this purpose, then we’d be able to offer 1 in every 10 clients sessions at half price if they needed it.  It’s a new idea, but if it works, it will really be a great testament to the generosity of our clients and to the positive, enabling power of this generosity.