Stem Cell Activation

X39 Stem Cell Patches are applied to the upper back (or below the navel if preferred) to be worn through the day.  They stimulate the production of Stem Cells in the body.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are ingenious new cells that the body naturally creates that have the capability to turn themselves into any type of cell that the body needs.  When other specialised cells die off and need to be replaced, the stem cells can simply adapt themselves to become the required type of cell, so that the body can continue to function without interruption.  They are essential to regeneration and repair in the body.

What's The Problem?

As we age, our stem cell production weakens.  By the age of 35, it’s estimated to be half as strong as it was in youth, and there’s not much left at all by the the time we’re in our 60s.  This is a significant factor in aging, as the body is no longer able to repair any setback as readily as it once could.

How Can X39 Patches Help?

The patches reflect specific wavelengths of light to stimulate skin nerves and create a speciific chemical reaction in the body, which has been demonstrated to significantly boost stem cell production, even in those whose bodies are no longer producing any quantity of stem cells.

A Cheesey but informative introduction to X39 patches

The Research

Numerous studies over the years have confirmed the benefits of X39 Patches.  There’s a library of this research and published studies at

Where Should The Patches Be Placed

Either between the shoulders or under the navel, as shown in the image below.

My Experience with X39 Patches

I’ve been trialling these patches myself before recommending them to clients, and will update here as the trial continues and as any changes occur.  It may be worth noting that I am not necessarily in the target group for these patches (I’m a little younger and in very good health), but I thought it would be worth trying anyway and sharing my experience:

06 APR 2021 – Applied patches for first time.

12 APR 2021 – No change noticed for the first couple of days, and then a strong feeling of euphoria, which was also a little unsettling and disturbed my sleep for a couple of nights.  I wrote to Livewave, who told me that this was a possible reaction as the body adjusts to the patches.

[I am now sure that this was due to the patches, as the same thing happened at the end of April, when I missed the patches for a day and then resumed]

16 MAY 2021 – The biggest change I’ve noticed so far has been with my sleep.  Before starting with these patches, it was fairly normal for me to wake up in the night to go to the toilet and then not be able to sleep again.  About one in three nights I’d get around 5 hours of sleep for this reason.  Apart from the incidents related above, this has only happened once in the past 6 weeks of using the patches, and that was on a day when I’d eaten something that had given me digestive issues.  It is probably worth using the patches for this alone.

     There also seems to have been the beginnings of some improvement in my longstanding toenail fungus.  I cut my nails last night and found some of them noticeably stronger than they have been for years.

      Finally, I think my urine flow is stronger than it had become (sorry if that’s too much information).

XX JUN 2021 – xxx

Please Note:  I am currently evaluating these patches on myself before recommending or selling them through the site.  As I as still in this process, I cannot yet give an honest personal opinion about them, apart from what the company says about them, which is represented on this page.  I will keep you updated as I begin my own trial of these patches, and you can see updates about this in the yellow box above.  If you would like to try them in the meantime, you can buy them from