While energy healing can make a huge difference to our lives in many ways, it’s sometimes the case that a long term issue might be partly or wholly down to a deficiency in a particular nutrient. 

The supplements recommended on this page are only those that I and my family personally buy and take on a regular basis, and are from suppliers that I use and trust, and they are all vegan-friendly.  Several of them have provided a discount for Heartful Healing Customers, for example:

  • The Finchley Clinic – a serious and reputable online store with a wide range of supplements that might be difficult to find elsewhere.  You’ll automatically get 10% off from them if you use the links on this page. 
  • Healf – another online store with a wide range.  You can get 10% off with the code HEARTFUL10 
  • Dr Vegan – a very well-reputed producer of high-quality supplements, all of which are vegan-friendly and free of the nasties that are so common in many products.  You get a 20% discount with the code HEARTFULHEALING or by using the links on this page.

The page contains affiliate links and discount codes, so we may receive a small commission on purchases made using them.


Use Discount Code: HEARTFUL10

Regardless of diet, we are all likely to be deficient in zinc and B12, and, if you’re in cloudier climates (I’m looking at you, United Kingdom), in D3 as well.  So, for me, good quality supplementation of these key nutrients individually in liquid form in addition to a multivitamin is a key part of my own preventative care routine.

I use B12 and D3 from Global Healing, as they seem to be highly focused on quality and purity in their preparation.  I get them from the Finchley Clinic, which I have found to be the cheapest source for them in the UK (and using our links, you’ll get 10% off across the site).  However, if you’re in the US, you could probably get them direct from Global Healing more easily.

I use Vimergy zinc, which seems to be effective.  There are others out there (I used to use a good one from Eidon), but they had such an awful aftertaste for me that they changed the taste of everything I ate for hours afterwards.  I get this from Healf in the UK, which is the cheapest source I’ve found for it (plus I have a special additional discount code – HEARTFUL10 – that you can use on all orders from Healf, who have a huge range), but in the US, it might be easier for you to get it direct from Vimergy.

10% discount

10% discount


I came across Dr. Vegan during some research I’ve been doing recently and was amazed that I’d not heard of them before.  They have an excellent reputation, really positive customer reviews in large numbers (and nearly 5,000 reviews on Trustpilot with a 4.7/5 rating) which, unlike many others, tend to focus on the substantial changes people have felt from taking their supplements, and are recommended by many nutritionists.

This is one that I’m just starting to take.  They do a standard multi-vitamin, but also targeted ones for women at various stages of life (pregnancy, menopause, etc), men over 45 (this is the one I’m having), or by area of focus (e.g. brain health, eye health, joints, etc).

They are UK-based, but ship worldwide.  The link here should give you 20% off your entire order.

Link gives 20% off entire order


Use Discount Code: HEARTFUL10

There’s no more concentrated source of protein on the planet than Spirulina, and many people use it as their daily Protein Powder, as well as their Multi-Vitamin as it’s so rich in nutrition too.

The problem is that quality varies considerably, and much of the spirulina on the market comes from less regulated sources in China.  That’s perhaps why so many people hate the taste of spirulina.

In recent years, I’ve always gone for this excellent quality brand called Healthforce, which is grown in clean fresh-water ponds in California.  The taste is incredible and I’ve often taken 50g+ per day.

I’ve found it’s cheapest on Healf (the link will take you there) and remember to use our 10% discount code (HEARTFUL10).  If you’re in the US, iHerb or Vitacost would be good sources for this.  If you’re using iHerb, the code HAH126 might give you a small discount, but I’m not sure it will work….

On a personal note, this is the one supplement on this page that I’m not currently taking.  This is because I seem to have developed a (hopefully temporary) sensitivity to leafy greens and their powders.  Hoping to be back on it soon!!

ZEOLITE (for Detox)

This is one I’ve only recently started taking on the recommendation of someone I trust, who vouches strongly for its premium quality as a powerful Zeolite powder, made from activated (therefore optimally bioavailable) clinoptilolite.

In my first 10 days or so of taking it, I felt a heavy weariness (many people also report more urgency in going to the toilet).  But in the days since then, I’ve felt more energy and a lightness in my body that I haven’t felt in a long time, and which I’ve been wanting back!!

Over time, it’s intended to clean us out and optimise the digestive system.  It’s recommended to take intensively (3 times/day) for the first 3 months, and then once daily.

They also have a range of other high-quality supplements.  One thing to note is that it ships from Austria.  They cover the taxes and import costs (at least for the UK – they should list on the product page how they handle your country), but the shipping cost can be quite steep, so I tend to buy in bulk less often.


If you’d like to try it in the meantime, drop me an email at and I’ll send you a code to get it direct with 20% off.

This product includes high quantities of the first non-animal-derived collagen compound, which is actually considered superior to non-vegan sources as it more closely mimics the type 1 human collogen profile (as well as being cleaner, safer and less allergenic).

This is one that we’ve only just started to use, and so cannot personally vouch for its effectiveness yet, but it’s one of the very few vegan products out there that use this new compound (Vecol), so we’re hopeful!!

Collagen takes time to have an effect.  They suggest that it might take a month to start to notice any cosmetic effects (e.g. reduced lines and wrinkles, etc), with these being much more evident after 3 months.  But it will take even longer to realise the full benefits in terms of joint and bone health.  We feel it’s worth making the investment now before serious issues arise later.


(currently 20% off)

After extensive testing of various ways of getting molecular hydrogen into the body (see the link below to our hydrogen page to find out much more about this about about the benefits of molecular hydrogen intake), including the clinical testing of hydrogen water bottles, this is now my preferred way of taking it.  

You dissolve a tablet into half a litre or more of water and once it has dissolved, drink immediately.  There is a distinct and noticeable lightness to the water, and it goes down extremely easily.  It’s interesting that if I try to drink regular water again afterwards, it’s almost impossible to get down, after this has gone down so easily.

At the time of writing this, it’s currently 20% off.

OMEGA 3 (Vegan DHA & EPA)

This is another preventative one.  As a vegan, it’s not possible to get good quality absorbable omega 3 oils (especially EPA) through food sources, so we use this vegan omega-3 made from algae oil.

Many people ask whether omega-3 from algae is as effective as omega-3 from fish.  It’s actually the algae that the omega-3 originally comes from.  It’s in the fish because they’ve eaten the algae.  So this is a way to cut out the middle-man and avoid the unnecessary killing of fish in the process.

We use this brand as it’s got the highest concentration of vegan omega-3 that we’ve found, with the most generous amounts of the EPA strand.

The link under the product picture should automatically give you 20% off the cost of your first order with them.

(includes 20% off your 1st order)


Use Discount Code: HEARTFUL10

Okay, it might be pushing it to call this a supplement, but you can get some of this from Healf (again the cheapest I’ve ever found this brand in the UK) and use the same discount code on it as for any of the other supplements (or anything else they sell).

Me and my son love this chocolate (from Hu).  It has such a distinctive taste, and unlike most chocolate we’ve tried, in leaves a really nice aftertaste for a long time. We’ve tried so many other brands – including ultra-expensive premium ones – but we have never found anything we like better than Hu.

The flavours we choose are the Mint, the Vanilla Crunch and the ‘Simple’ (plain), but there are many others that you might prefer.  The link should take you to the full Hu dark chocolate range so you can browse.  Don’t forget to use the discount code.