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DISCLAIMER: In line with UK advertising regulations, Heartful Healing makes no claim that energy healing can bring about improvement or cure to any of the issues discussed in the testimonials on this page or anywhere else on this website, and none of them should be interpretted to imply that it can.  They represent the individual reflections of the clients concerned are included to demonstrate these clients’ satisfaction with having participated in our services.


I’m feeling better than I have in decades, Heartful thanks.

Kimberly Hughes

My back is amazing! The pain is 1 or 2 and feel like a different person! …so amazed and pleased! Thank you so much for this amazing freedom and all that you do!

Janet Yates
What is amazing is that this Christmas brought me a miracle.. I was introduced to a gentleman who fell in love with me, he is polite, kind, patient with me, a real gentleman. I realised I could open my heart and start to feel happiness and love again. I never ever had this experience!
Mirela Cocos
It has been wonderful working with you and I can’t express enough the help it has provided in my new job.
Mary-Kaye Moses

Lui is a changed puppy!!!! Awesome. I am sold on this therapy. Thank you, Guy.

Vicki Hunter

Thank you for the amazing  session  yesterday. It was out of this world and I can feel the shift within my being.  I slept like a baby, my body is asking for more and waiting impatiently for our next session.

Dominika Wosiak

Very thankful to Guy. I am now able to read without glasses. I was bedridden with back pain and became active with just 1 session.

Body Code For Pain
Mrudula Vutukuru

I have found the work guy is doing amazing and it has helped me in so many ways to tap into the source of why I felt so much pain and hurt

Marie Hession

I’m so thankful for the Emotion Code and for the Body Code.  It’s just making such huge changes in my life.  Deep gratitude Guy for everything…. It is truly life changing

Elaine Kerins

I have been observing Skittle well since your treatment, and the effect is really visible! He is much happier, lighter, joyful, energetic, it’s a pleasure to watch.

Emotion Code and Body Code for Pets and Animals - Dog
Aline O’Connell

One if the first things we worked on was my insatiable craving to drink wine in the evening. After only a few sessions, my cravings did not go away, but I was able to be in control of them instead of them controlling me. What a gift!

Julie Jonker

…you are so clear and brilliant at what you do and put your heart and soul into it and it’s incredibly profound work that can delve into the subconscious and root out old stuff that we are not even aware and holds us back in life.

Claire Gormley

I only noticed a slight change during our two sessions on my back pain, but the following day I woke up with no pain at all and it has not come back. Amazing!

Jill Abbrunov

Guy has the unique ability/gift of identifying and successfully healing problems resulting from trapped emotions. Everyone should experience Emotion Code therapy with Guy. I saw immediate results, Thank you!!!

Adam Szecovka

Guy exudes a peaceful competence and can seamlessly connect with what’s asking to be healed.

Michelle McHale

My internal ‘Greedy Little Child’ seems to be finally gone and my food cravings have completely disappeared since our session. Incredible! Thank you!

Vicki Hunter
After the first treatments, I observed more courage to face life, I take decisions easier. I feel that the fears are not so deep or often.  Finally I started to sleep without any pills.
What is amazing is that this Christmas brought me a miracle.. I was introduced to a gentleman who fell in love with me, he is polite, kind, patient with me, a real gentleman. I realised I could open my heart and start to feel happiness and love again. I never ever had this experience!
Thank you, Guy. I am grateful to God, to you, to your work, to Bradley Nelson.
Mirela Cocos

The day after we cleared “I don’t deserve help” my day started with two young women and a man coming down and asking if I wanted help erecting a puppy fence. I have asked this man a few times to help with quick little community projects and he always declined.. So to have him come and ask with a big smile was wonderful. He stayed til the end and we finished the fence. Then a girl noticed my house needs another coat of paint and asked if I’d like her to do it! I said yes of course. She got lamps and painted into the dark night and did a professional job. While she was painting yet another woman came down. She visits often, but usually when feeling sad or depressed, for counselling, but this time she said I am feeling very energetic, is there something I can do to help? She helped paint. THEN ANOTHER MAN came down, he saw our half finished out door fire bath tub project and offered to bring it to completion! Then the final piece was when a 6 year old girl came down in the dark with a flash light and asked what was going on and asked if she could hold the lantern for the painters.

I have been slowly completing building a tiny house for a year having a struggle to get anyone to help, offering money and other perks, people would say yes and then not show, or come late or do a crappy job. I had to pull off all the interior walls and redo the insulation as it was done so poorly. So, it has been an exhausting situation. Now in the final stages, so to have all these people come and ask and do a good job is unprecedented. I knew I must have an unconscious belief because it was like I had a spell on me and no COULD help.

Vicki Hunter