What Is The Belief Code

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Why do we seem to get caught up in the same negative life patterns again and again? 

It could be because we have unconscious belief systems that are programming us to seek out the same negative experiences without even knowing that’s what’s going on.

The Belief Code is a new and ground-breaking healing method from Discover Healing, the people behind the Emotion Code and the Body Code. 

In this article, we’ll be exploring how The Belief Code works to help us identify and release these sabotaging belief systems so that we can start to manifest more of the life we really want.



The main difference between these 2 people is that they have different sets of beliefs.  One holds unconscious convictions holding them back from having success – perhaps that they’re not good enough, or that life is a struggle or that there’s only limited success to go round.  The other is not hindered by such beliefs and is free to manifest according to their potential.

How do these sabotaging beliefs arise and how do they get to have such a hold on us?

When we’re repeating something to ourselves over and over again, even in a subtle way, it starts to have an effect on how we see and interact with the world.  It could happen in many ways: if I feel bitter at being rejected by someone and I dwell on how unfair it is and how alone I am and will always be.  Or if I look at my bank statement and find that there isn’t as much money as I need and constantly worry about being in debt.  Or if I’m constantly rushing around with the implicit idea that I don’t have enough time to do what I need to; this is likely to eventually solidify into a belief that there isn’t enough time or I’ll never have what I need or I’ll always be alone, and, as we’ll see in a moment, this is likely to then become my reality.

And the longer this goes on, the deeper into my subconscious this belief will slip.  What began as a negative mental commentary can, if repeated often enough, develop into a deep conviction that we’re no longer even aware of, as we explore in our article on how the Law of Attraction actually works.

Once a belief gets deep into our subconscious mind like that, it acts as an instruction.  One job that the subconscious mind assumes is to try to manifest whatever is in it.  If there’s a belief in there that says, for example, I’ll never be likeable, it will do all it can to ensure the validity of that belief.  We’ll find that however hard we try to do things differently, we unconsciously send out signals to help push other people away – and this affirms the belief further.  The beliefs that we have express themselves in our subtle unnoticed behaviour, which is designed to bring about a particular real-life experience.  And normally, we feel pretty powerless to do anything about it, however much we might chastise ourselves after the event.

To have any impact on this, we have to find a way to reprogram our subconscious beliefs.  Some people try to achieve this through the repetition of positive affirmations, but unfortunately, these most often tend not to be very effective.  That’s because – unlike the negative affirmations that created the beliefs in the first place – they rarely convey the necessary conviction and feeling – which is the language of the subconscious and the route to manifestation.  The words alone have little if any impact.

There are some ways, though, that reprogramming may be possible.  Sudden, dramatic life events can sometimes shake us in a way that briefly lead to new insights that can penetrate into the subconscious and reprogram it.  Talking therapies like counselling and psychotherapy hope to lead to similar transformative moments of clarity, but they can be a painful and lengthy road, which may eventually not lead to the true root of the issue.  There are energy healing methods that are designed to enable us to access the subconscious mind to reprogram beliefs, but even with these, we still need to identify what belief we want to change, and that’s still guesswork.

That’s one of the big issues with all these approaches.  As we don’t know what exactly is going on inside our subconscious mind, it’s really difficult to know precisely what beliefs we need to counter or instil in order to bring about the changes that we want in our lives.  So, all of these attempts are likely to be hit or miss – with a miss being much more likely.  And even if we get lucky and hit on an unconscious belief that is contributing to our life patterns, it’s most likely not acting alone.  There will most probably be other beliefs alongside it working to help attract the same sorts of experiences.  And that whole set of programming beliefs is likely only to be there in the first place because of a deeper set of limiting beliefs about what’s possible for us in our lives.

And we’re not aware of any of this.  Many of these beliefs are buried extremely deeply in the subconscious mind and it’s impossible to do much about them from a conscious level.


The Belief Code is the only healing method I’m aware of that directly addresses both of these issues.

Although there are many healing methods that deal with beliefs, The Belief Code is unique in that we don’t need to come to it with an idea of what the specific belief is that we want to work on.  That’s no longer our impossible responsibility.  We only need to come with a vision of how we want our life to be, and the Belief Code will use muscle testing with a view to identifying the whole network of beliefs that’s stopping us from getting there and thenremoving it by the roots.

That’s critical, because many of our sabotaging beliefs are unconscious, and we can only guess what they might be.  We can never be sure.  And even if we could, it wouldn’t help much because beliefs often work together, and in several layers. 

This is why the Belief Code is so significant and has been so eagerly awaited.  It enables us to specifically identify not only individual beliefs that could be responsible for our life patterns, but the entire belief systems that they are part of. 

Through a simple but revolutionary process, we can start to identify and release these belief systems from our subconscious minds altogether and to reprogram ourselves so that we have the possibility of building the sort of life and experience we truly want.


A Belief Code session will start by clarifying the issue you want to work on and the related result or goal that you want to achieve in your life.

Then we’ll identify all of the beliefs in a Belief System that may be contributing to the issue and obstructing you from manifesting your goal.

In doing so, you’ll be introduced to some new concepts, as we look for different types of beliefs that are at play.  It can be helpful to understand some of these concepts in advance of any Belief Code work, so that your session can feel more meaningful as you experience it.

In a recent interview, Belief Code creator, Dr. Brad Nelson, explained to me how the different parts of a belief system fit together.  You can see these clips in the video above, or watch the full interview below.

Once we’ve uncovered all of the beliefs in your belief system, we’ll use the Emotion Code and the Body Code to deal with any related imbalances that may be preventing the effective release of the belief system, and then release each of the beliefs themselves.  Depending on what your body requires, we may also instil one or more positive beliefs to help set you on a new track.


You can find out more about the Belief Code on our Belief Code page.  You can book a session either there on using the “Book Now” button below.

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